Dealing with Teams That Do Not Believe in Minimum Viable Product


The path of innovation is a complex one to tread on. Especially in an environment where conformity is usually the norm. So, when you have to convince a bunch of skeptical stakeholders of a radical concept such as a minimum viable product, things can get a whole lot slippery. We’re sold on the idea of … Read more

UX For Business Intelligence

By the turn of the 20th century, technology had taken enough leaps to address issues of complexity as well as speed. This was further leveraged with the introduction of cloud-based systems which brought simplicity and efficiency to business processes. Moving on, the real-time processing of events into data warehouses meant that companies could base their … Read more

US Presidential Campaign 2016 UX Analysis

Donald trump

Let’s just admit it – the US (and the world) is witnessing a disappointing election campaign this time, probably the most scandalized one since 1884 in the history of the country. Sure, there is a lot of drama and controversies involved, but when it comes to the things that matter, there’s nothing significant to report. … Read more