The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a cult science fiction movie authored by the legendary Arthur C. Clarke. It features the “talking” computer, HAL, who eerily murders most of the human crew under its care. To this day, fans of the 1968 classic experience a gooseflesh moment when the astronaut-protagonist Dave Bowman requests HAL … Read more

What Can the Healthcare Industry Learn From the Facebook Data Breach

Facebook has reigned supreme all over our newsfeed over the past few weeks. As details regarding its business model (assimilating user data and selling it to interested buyers) trickle out and its brazen mishandling of user information has resulted in global outrage. Considerable harm has been caused to affect privacy norms, government elections, and even … Read more

How Telecom Industry can save itself with UX?

In the last decade, telecom businesses have undergone huge changes due to digitization. The core usage of voice and text services have reduced as social media platforms have presented diversified opportunities for people to connect with each other. A slew of new, upcoming and innovative digital devices as well as over-the-top (OTT) software and applications … Read more

What Tech Companies Can Learn From Uber’s UX Strategy

uber ux strategy

Uber UX Strategy & Case Study Many people believe the simplicity of Uber’s user experience (UX) was the driving force behind its rapid success – but this isn’t quite the case. Yes, UX had a huge part to play – but there is nothing “simple” about Uber’s UX strategy. The ridesharing app’s rapid success is … Read more

US Presidential Campaign 2016 UX Analysis

Donald trump

Let’s just admit it – the US (and the world) is witnessing a disappointing election campaign this time, probably the most scandalized one since 1884 in the history of the country. Sure, there is a lot of drama and controversies involved, but when it comes to the things that matter, there’s nothing significant to report. … Read more