4 UX Skills that Can Help You Plan The Perfect Party this Holiday Season

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Are you someone whose sprints are completed by moving merely a muscle or two? Are you someone who is completely sedentary whilst being agile? If you’ve answered in the affirmative, it’s pretty clear that your world functions on a slightly different plane. Being a part of the UX design community, the way you perceive and … Read more

How to Manage Remote UX Design Reviews


“As we’ve moved to virtual work, we haven’t just coped, we’ve actually thrived. We are making quicker decisions and acting. Meetings are now more inclusive of people regardless of location, level, or other differences. We have great momentum and need to figure out how to carry it forward.” – Suresh Kumar, Global CTO, Walmart. Remote … Read more

Dealing with Teams That Do Not Believe in Minimum Viable Product


The path of innovation is a complex one to tread on. Especially in an environment where conformity is usually the norm. So, when you have to convince a bunch of skeptical stakeholders of a radical concept such as a minimum viable product, things can get a whole lot slippery. We’re sold on the idea of … Read more

The Strength of the Pack Is the Wolf…

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A few weeks into this Bizarro world of self-isolation and social distancing, we as a team have comfortably settled into the whole concept of remote working. Sure, as individual members we’ve had our brushes with freelancing or working from home. But this global emergency has forced us as parts of a team to disperse overnight, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Remote Contributors

Remote Working Team

Making it work with  UX remote team is one of the most frequently asked questions in the sphere of UX and design. Quora is buzzing with questions that have very few answers on the subject. And the reason why so many people wonder how to make it work, is that working with remote contributors has … Read more

Hire or Build? The big UX question

If you are entering the UX sphere and starting to see the necessity of incorporating UX into your development cycle, you might wonder if it is worth building an in-house team. Or should you just hire a design firm to be your UX consultants? This dilemma is not unique but the solution to it is. … Read more

Collaboration between UX team and developers

Collaboration between UX team

Great ideas witness some of the best professional collaborations and friendships on their way to becoming successful products/solutions. Even the smallest enhancement in an Enterprise scale product provokes keen and careful teams to invest their expertise and co-create a delightful UX process. Enterprise teams in a UX agency are often well-spread and keeping everyone on … Read more