5 Things Product Managers Can Learn From User Psychology

method to madness

As a product manager, you’re not totally off track for believing that user psychology comes under the UX domain. But this quote by Frank Chimero puts things in a different light – “People ignore design that ignores people.” Almost every tome on product management harps about the importance of understanding the users in order to … Read more

Remote UX Research: 5 Tips To Do It Right

With the pandemic-induced distancing still in force, UX research has been more or less forced to be conducted remotely. Ever since the outbreak, UX researchers have gone the remote way to conduct their studies. So, why after all this time, would there be a need for a post like this one. Because there is a … Read more

How to Use Ethnographic Research in Product Development

People walking on footpath

Here’s something to ponder over – what’s the best way to study wildlife? A trip to the zoo or a jungle excursion? While the zoo is a cheaper, easier alternative, there is no denying that the jungle is where the real deal lies. Ethnography is exactly like that. It involves the study of the intended … Read more

Dealing with Teams That Do Not Believe in Minimum Viable Product


The path of innovation is a complex one to tread on. Especially in an environment where conformity is usually the norm. So, when you have to convince a bunch of skeptical stakeholders of a radical concept such as a minimum viable product, things can get a whole lot slippery. We’re sold on the idea of … Read more

Design Workshops: The IT Leadership’s Best Tool to Building a UX Culture

Here’s some food for thought – what would happen if companies took the bold step of curating the user experience of their employees with as much zeal as they did for their customers? What kind of a world would that be like? Here’s an average scenario in a telecom company. Oftentimes, their customer service agents … Read more

UX Research Matters – Getting Your Stakeholders to Say it too

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UX research is a process that truly holds the key to a product’s success. Sure, you as a UX advocate know it. Cut to real-life scenarios, unfortunately, it does not find many takers. As a UX researcher, you are sure to have struggled to find patronage for research sprints, despite its rather apparent benefits. “You … Read more

How to Conduct User Research That Matters

User research is what gives a solid foundation to good design output. Lack of intelligent research inputs result in a product that may be easy on the eyes but falls short of satisfying user needs. In the absence of research inputs, designers diving head first into design have only their instincts and some lucky guesses … Read more

Three Steps to Master UX Research on Budget

When it comes to any project, the user experience is of paramount importance, and to evolve the user experience appropriately, it is important that there is appropriate user research involved. User experience research is the process that allows us to understand the behavior patterns, preferences, and overall attitudes and needs of the users through various … Read more

What to Expect When Conducting Enterprise UX Research

UX Research

User UX research is paramount when it comes to creating a rich and valuable user experience. Done right, it also translates into a product that’s high on quality, utility, as well as business returns. The enterprise context brings with it its unique set of challenges – a large number of stakeholders, legacy systems, and buyers … Read more