The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise UX Design

Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise UX Design

So, our marketing manager walks into the office one day, donning this t-shirt which says, “Alexa, play everyone who played me.” Image courtesy: And I thought to myself, if that were indeed to happen, Alexa would precisely play everyone who specifically played her. You see, this AI-powered assistant knows all the specifics about you … Read more

UX Research Matters – Getting Your Stakeholders to Say it too

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UX research is a process that truly holds the key to a product’s success. Sure, you as a UX advocate know it. Cut to real-life scenarios, unfortunately, it does not find many takers. As a UX researcher, you are sure to have struggled to find patronage for research sprints, despite its rather apparent benefits. “You … Read more

User Journey Mapping for Complex Enterprise Systems

User Journey Map Enterprise UX

We’ve been tracking the efficacy of UX research tools for the past few weeks. Having covered the significance of user personas in a previous post, we’ve moved on to the next – user journey mapping.  At its most basic, journey mapping is a compilation of user goals and actions into a timeline. This timeline is … Read more

6 Signs Your Enterprise Application Needs a UX Audit

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We’re 20 years into the new century now. What are the chances that you’d be viewing this on a computer that runs on Windows XP? Remotely slim, presumably. With that for context, consider the fact that several large businesses across industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, government, etc. are still functioning on systems … Read more

Identifying Personas for Enterprise Applications

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Before we begin, here’s some food for thought from UX researchers as context – “There’s a group of personas that I’m developing for an enterprise project. The problem stems from the fact that we’ve got distinct sets of users, and it is difficult to limit their numbers. We’ve got 10 archetypes, with the confusing part … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About a UX Audit


The past decade has witnessed enterprise IT being woken up from its state of stupor, and the awakening is ongoing. It is evolving to acknowledge the user experience (UX) is crucial to its existence, and that sporadic, ornamental upgrades have little to no impact on improving organizational performance. The complexity of enterprise applications stems from … Read more

How to Use Journey Mapping for Your Project

The Nielsen-Norman Group defines the user journey map to be “a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal”. Oftentimes, designers grapple with the question, how does a user actually use this product? This is a vital question that needs to be answered by every designer. To do … Read more

What do Enterprise Software Users Really Want?

User-centered design (UCD) is an approach that prioritizes human needs, behavior, and capabilities. The experiences designed under UCD accommodate these qualities so that the resultant product gets the required job done effortlessly, rendering happiness and satisfaction to the user. Good design is based on a deep understanding of human psychology and is dependent on effective … Read more

Empathy Maps Made Easy: A 10-Minute Guide

User Experience is as successful as the accuracy of user knowledge. Which means that the more you know about your user, the better your final product can turn out. What your user wants, thinks, says, needs, and feels, are all important insights for developing a smooth user experience. Empathy maps are a powerful tool that … Read more