6 Indicators of Low UX Maturity That Are Ruining Your Product Experience

Ever wondered what’s the secret to building and sustaining an organization over a hundred years and beyond? Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is over a hundred years old and happens to be the largest girls’ leadership development organization. Their secret is believing that since every generation is different, continual research must be done to … Read more

4 Ways Product Managers Can Overcome UX Debt

It’s likely that you’d have heard the story of the $300 million button made famous through a book called Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks. Over ten years down the line and it still remains an excellent example of how a badly-designed experience can impact a business, in this case to the tune of … Read more

Why Only Functional Systems Are No Longer Enough


Needs and wants. Aren’t these the driving force behind most human actions? American psychologist, Abraham Maslow published a research paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation” way back in 1943. The contents of that paper covered his interpretation of human needs and their hierarchy from the most basic to the most complex. Maslow’s observations have … Read more

6 Signs Your Enterprise Application Needs a UX Audit

Enterprise applications

We’re 20 years into the new century now. What are the chances that you’d be viewing this on a computer that runs on Windows XP? Remotely slim, presumably. With that for context, consider the fact that several large businesses across industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, government, etc. are still functioning on systems … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About a UX Audit


The past decade has witnessed enterprise IT being woken up from its state of stupor, and the awakening is ongoing. It is evolving to acknowledge the user experience (UX) is crucial to its existence, and that sporadic, ornamental upgrades have little to no impact on improving organizational performance. The complexity of enterprise applications stems from … Read more

Transforming Legacy Systems is the Need of the Hour

Transforming Legacy Systems

Before we discuss Legacy Systems. Enterprise applications refer to integrated computerized systems that operate all the phases within an enterprise’s workflow. A large software system platform, these are specially designed to facilitate work functions in corporate environments such as large businesses or governments. Put simply, they help in the coordination and facilitation of work across … Read more

5 Important Pain Points that Push Your SaaS App Back to the Retro Era


‘Retro’ often manages to evoke happy emotions in people, be it music, fashion, or even automobiles. But if you’re dealing with a retro software system at work, that’s got to be a feeling farthest from happiness. Retro systems in this context don’t only refer to legacy software or SaaS products, but any system that hasn’t … Read more

Issues with legacy technology

Legacy Applications System Blog

Over the years, legacy systems have been questioned on their rigid infrastructure requirements, complex licensing rules, immobility, inadequate support systems, and above all, the mammoth costs required to maintain them. Enterprise users look at seamless cloud integration as a given basic. They are fascinated with the consumer-like interface designs which B2B applications strive to offer. … Read more