Nailing the ‘Wow’ Moment in Enterprise Products

Nailing the ‘Wow’ Moment in Enterprise Products

Imagine you’ve gone to dine at an upscale Parisian restaurant. The vibe inside is awash with enough French disdain to intimidate the best of us. You’re seated and then handed a menu in chaste French. Enter, the charming serveur. He treats you with genuine courtesy, he overlooks your horrific pronunciation of “bouillabaisse”, and gently proffers … Read more

Enterprise UX – 3 Things Which Makes it Great


What is a great Enterprise UX? It’s taken a while for enterprises to make the shift from being business-centric to user-centric. Thankfully, they’ve also come round to the idea that being user-centric *is* being business-centric. Its impact can be seen on the software which fuel these big businesses, which are now increasingly user-friendly, adaptive, and … Read more

What do Enterprise Software Users Really Want?

User-centered design (UCD) is an approach that prioritizes human needs, behavior, and capabilities. The experiences designed under UCD accommodate these qualities so that the resultant product gets the required job done effortlessly, rendering happiness and satisfaction to the user. Good design is based on a deep understanding of human psychology and is dependent on effective … Read more