Koru UX Design Methodology

At Koru UX, we define User Experience to be the value provided to the user when they are using a product. Furthermore, User Experience Design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and delight provided in the product interaction. With design thinking increasingly permeating industries, the complexity of modern businesses … Read more

Enterprise UX – Challenges and Solutions

What if you get the opportunity to design a product that will willingly, wholeheartedly be used by thousands of users, no questions asked? That’s Enterprise UX (eUX) for you. And as with all good things, there’s a catch here as well. These willing, wholehearted users are actually employees who have no choice but to use … Read more

Unlocking ROI from the Inside Out

How exactly does one measure the actual worth of User Experience (UX) to an organization and is there a way to justify the spending on UX? It is quite a challenge to calculate the ROI of UX for B2C products and services, and an even uphill task when it comes to enterprise companies. With user … Read more

How to Make Your Organization UX-friendly

Large organizations are ushering in a radical functional change by inching closer towards a design-centric style of management. Mind you, the ‘design’ here transcends aesthetics, touching upon applying the principles to the way people function. Design thinking has permeated industries as a result of the ever-increasing complexity of modern businesses which are mostly tech-reliant. This … Read more

Issues with legacy technology

Legacy Applications System Blog

Over the years, legacy systems have been questioned on their rigid infrastructure requirements, complex licensing rules, immobility, inadequate support systems, and above all, the mammoth costs required to maintain them. Enterprise users look at seamless cloud integration as a given basic. They are fascinated with the consumer-like interface designs which B2B applications strive to offer. … Read more