10 Components of a Solid UX Design Brief

ux design brief

If a company wants to make the most out of their investment in UX, they first need to define what the most means to them. Every UX design project stems from a different motivation. A vague and unclear design brief often means even the commissioning party isn’t sure of what to expect out of it. … Read more

The Rise of Predictive Analytics Technology in Enterprises

Predictive Analytics Design

Among the whole gamut of human emotions, the best feeling has got to be the one when someone really “gets” us. That incredible feeling when you don’t need to use any extra explanation or justification – the person you’re dealing with knows exactly what you’re going through and has the perfect response to it. Now, … Read more

Why Discuss UX in the Boardroom?


Investing in User Experience (UX) is a huge deal for most companies. In boardrooms across the world, the topic of investing in UX tends to come up as an afterthought in most cases. Such conversations tend to be hasty and unremarkable; consequentially, meager UX budgets are relegated to being sourced with great difficulty. More often … Read more

UX CONSISTENCY: A Universal Challenge For Enterprise Products

Having worked on multiple enterprise applications, my team and I have come across compelling challenges faced by this domain that are unique. These problems call for specific and custom curated approaches which would strike the sweet spot between business and users needs. eUX (Enterprise User Experience) offers fertile grounds to engage and resolve problems through … Read more

User Testing for Enterprise Systems

User Testing for Enterprise Systems

Validation is an important aspect of the decision-making exercise, and even more so when its radius of impact spans millions of users who are touched directly or indirectly by the product. A seemingly simple decision such as the correct placement of a button can bring down the error rate and boost the usability score, leaving … Read more

UX Metrics: How to Know If Your User Experience is Working

UX Metrics: How to Know If Your User Experience is Working

Before we get to learning about UX metrics, let’s understand what user experience means. According to Don Norman, who first coined the term, “User Experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” True, user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want … Read more

The Must-have 10 Point UX Design Checklist For Enterprise Software

UX Design Checklist While the UX Design industry as a whole has stabilized and well-established rules, UX design for enterprise software and complex systems is quite challenging and requires a specialized set of skills. Our mission at Koru is to end ugly, hard-to-work with software. We know the most impressive, complex systems deliver zero value … Read more