10 Components of a Solid UX Design Brief

ux design brief

If a company wants to make the most out of their investment in UX, they first need to define what the most means to them. Every UX design project stems from a different motivation. A vague and unclear design brief often means even the commissioning party isn’t sure of what to expect out of it. … Read more

5 Healthcare UI Designs That Demonstrate Ease of Use


“Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t.” – IBM The Interaction Design Foundation defines ease of use as a basic concept that describes how easily users can use a product. A usability concept, ease of use covers UX elements concerning the ease with which users can learn, discover content and do … Read more

Top 4 tips for Successful Patient Engagement to Save Millions!

Patients Portal Tips

Quick, tell me what springs to mind when you think of a well-designed healthcare institution. Comfortable beds? Easily accessible, spacious waiting rooms? Yes indeed, things like these would be nice. But how about having a well-designed experience right from the moment you think of scheduling a routine hospital visit? Wouldn’t that be nicer? It’s hard … Read more