Object-oriented UX: A Simple Process for Designing Complex Products

What do you do when you enter a hotel room for the first time? You find the card key slot to switch on the lights, then get inside, place your bag, and do a quick scan of the room to see what’s where. What you don’t do is jump right into the shower or immediately … Read more

Does Your Interface Follow the 4 Golden Rules of UI Design?

rules of ui design

“If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a likable person: respectful, generous, and helpful.” – Alan Cooper There probably isn’t a better way to encapsulate what a good user interface should be. In fact, the 4 golden rules of UI design exist to ensure that the UI … Read more

10 Components of a Solid UX Design Brief

ux design brief

If a company wants to make the most out of their investment in UX, they first need to define what the most means to them. Every UX design project stems from a different motivation. A vague and unclear design brief often means even the commissioning party isn’t sure of what to expect out of it. … Read more

5 Examples of UI Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

ui design mistakes

Designing user interfaces is all about following the set rules of design aesthetics and visual hierarchy. Pay attention to these rules and you’re more likely to come up with simple, user-friendly interfaces that get the job done. However, there are times when UI designers, in their quest for creativity, try to experiment a bit too … Read more

The Ultimate Glossary of UI-UX Terms for Designers

Person with sticky notes

Software design and development is an expansive trade comprising professionals from varied fields of study. While we best learn concepts on the job, what also helps is to have a resource that congregates important concepts and definitions to help us clarify any ambiguities with ease. This ultimate list of 88 important UI-UX concepts simplify technical … Read more

What Can Designers Learn from Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

If there’s one way to describe the agile development process to novices, it is this – agile is all about incrementally delivering software, bypassing unnecessary overheads, and working collaboratively towards the greater good of the project. Perfection is left out of the equation, as products can always be enhanced down the road. The actual process … Read more

4 Enterprise Apps that Ace User-centric Features

4 Enterprise Apps that Ace User-centric Features

Enterprise apps and portals are crucial tools designed for the betterment of large businesses. Up until now, a major grouse against these applications would be their cumbersome operation. Designed to handle complex workflows and tasks across departments and positions, it’s imperative that they be user-friendly. Therefore, it isn’t surprising how companies are willingly investing in … Read more

The Importance of UX Copy

Picture this, you have an amazing app with great aesthetics. It looks good and works even better but it’s all written in Klingon. Did you picture it? Did you feel dissatisfaction there? A good copy is supposed to bridge the gap between reading and experience. Let’s look at a more relatable example. Ever encountered a … Read more

Ensuring Healthcare Compliance with UX

empowering compliance

Technological innovations today are the driving force behind assisting the medical community to deliver quality care more effectively, along with improved security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. As healthcare organizations continue to face challenges in terms of providing round-the-clock services online, added complications such as meeting security and compliance standards set by – Health Insurance Portability … Read more

Koru UX Design Methodology

At Koru UX, we define User Experience to be the value provided to the user when they are using a product. Furthermore, User Experience Design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and delight provided in the product interaction. With design thinking increasingly permeating industries, the complexity of modern businesses … Read more