The Ultimate Glossary of UI-UX Terms for Designers

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Software design and development is an expansive trade comprising professionals from varied fields of study. While we best learn concepts on the job, what also helps is to have a resource that congregates important concepts and definitions to help us clarify any ambiguities with ease. This ultimate list of 88 important UI-UX concepts simplify technical … Read more

Has UX Become a Buzzword Across the Industry?

Every time I look to hire for the post of UX designer, I shudder to think the applications that we have to go through. UX has become a buzzword across the industry and everyone has realized the potential of the high paying buzzword-job. So we get all sorts of applications, from graphic designers, web developers, … Read more

Enterprise UX – Challenges and Solutions

What if you get the opportunity to design a product that will willingly, wholeheartedly be used by thousands of users, no questions asked? That’s Enterprise UX (eUX) for you. And as with all good things, there’s a catch here as well. These willing, wholehearted users are actually employees who have no choice but to use … Read more

UX For Business Intelligence

By the turn of the 20th century, technology had taken enough leaps to address issues of complexity as well as speed. This was further leveraged with the introduction of cloud-based systems which brought simplicity and efficiency to business processes. Moving on, the real-time processing of events into data warehouses meant that companies could base their … Read more