How can PMs create an effective UX roadmap?

ux roadmap

A problem well stated is a problem half solved. – Charles Kettering A Product Manager dons numerous hats – that of a skilled negotiator, a conflict resolver, a smart bargainer, a product visionary, a smooth communicator, and so on. But the most important role this individual plays is that of a problem solver. So yes, … Read more

Nailing the ‘Wow’ Moment in Enterprise Products


Imagine you’ve gone to dine at an upscale Parisian restaurant. The vibe inside is awash with enough French disdain to intimidate the best of us. You’re seated and then handed a menu in chaste French. Enter, the charming serveur. He treats you with genuine courtesy, he overlooks your horrific pronunciation of “bouillabaisse”, and gently proffers … Read more

Telecom Companies Can No Longer Ignore UX. Here’s Why.

Telephone receiver & Mobile

The surge in digitization means that it’s a rocky road going forward for the telecom industry. The sector is predicted to combat a massive digital disruption as its core voice and messaging businesses continue to shrink, thanks to the overpowering advent of social media communication channels. Within the US alone, voice calls from mobiles and … Read more

4 Crucial Characteristics that Make or Break Fintech UX

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has undergone a drastic overhaul in terms of technological advancements. Stakeholders looking to maximize their company’s efficiency and profitability began seeking solutions from their IT departments. At the same time, it is also trying to make services more customer-friendly by updating its legacy-era technology. The banking sector … Read more

UI Design Trends 2021: What’s Working in Enterprise App Designs

UI trends in Enterprise Applications

There exist over thousands of specialty software fuelling B2B operations, including financial trackers, CRMS, HRMS, ERPs, and more. These software typically tend to be feature-rich and complex, which sometimes can result in difficulty of use. Of course, with companies realizing the potential and impact of user-centric systems, the onus lies on the designers to rise … Read more

6 Steps to Successful Usability Testing

Design is in the spotlight currently. With multinational companies realizing the returns on good design and investing in it generously, there is no denying that design is a focus area in most organizations today. The ROI on design is estimated to be over 228% and has given rise to the recruitment of designers in all … Read more

The Importance of UX Copy

Picture this, you have an amazing app with great aesthetics. It looks good and works even better but it’s all written in Klingon. Did you picture it? Did you feel dissatisfaction there? A good copy is supposed to bridge the gap between reading and experience. Let’s look at a more relatable example. Ever encountered a … Read more

Has UX Become a Buzzword Across the Industry?

Every time I look to hire for the post of UX designer, I shudder to think the applications that we have to go through. UX has become a buzzword across the industry and everyone has realized the potential of the high paying buzzword-job. So we get all sorts of applications, from graphic designers, web developers, … Read more

Understanding the Goals of Patient Portals

Patient portals – those secure online websites which give patients 24/7 access to personal health information – are not gaining as much priority as they deserve, since EHR companies tend to be tight on R&D resources. As a matter of fact, few companies have effectively invested towards the cause of patient portals. As a result, … Read more