Involves processing the briefs received to identify the UX methods that can help in devising solutions.

The beginning for any project or sprint is with the definition of the problem or need. Our teams are well-adapted to processing briefs received in a variety of forms (detailed requirement documents, sample workflows, verbal discussions etc.). The UX Manager who is in the center of the engagement takes the lead and analyzes the brief along with the team who identifies the missing gaps in understanding along with the UX methods/exercises that can help in completing the picture.


Has us prioritizing problems and establishing the scope and approach to be taken to solve them.

The team consolidates the findings from the first phase and categorizes them into reports to identify trends. They prioritize the problems to be solved and establish the overall scope and approach they must take to solve the problem. The team builds a live Product Requirement Document that captures the same holistically.


We brainstorm and build concepts that would address the identified problems and add value to the overall brief.

The UX team splits itself into smaller groups who work in their own silos. They brainstorm and build concepts that would address the identified problems and could add value to the overall brief. These concepts are built as paper sketches or simple drawings on whiteboards and are discussed internally to be compiled into 2 to 3 specific directions. This maximizes the creative quotient in the solution making individual approaches to be completely unique in their own ways.


Designers compile the defined styles, components and elements to create a final solution from a functional standpoint.

Once a solution is finalized from a functional standpoint, our designers then come together to focus on the overall behavior of the product. They keep the inputs from the previous phases in mind while defining the styles, components, and elements for the product. They focus their understanding on the user and workflows and build the best-suited interaction for them.



Designers compile the defined styles, components and elements to create a final solution from a functional standpoint.


100+ dedicated healthcare projects, designed as per W3C standards have helped us gain in-depth knowledge of the many complexities of healthcare systems in the United States and abroad.


We harbor a deep understanding of how healthcare professionals function, how they interact with technology, along with industry compliance standards like HIPPA, and the overall evolution of the sector.


Our products impact the quality of care, patient safety, and ROI across healthcare organizations globally. We know how healthcare ecosystems are defined and the different touch points that a patient would come in contact with. We go far out to ensure that the overall experience is holistic.

Upscaling usability in Health care

Applications of UX in healthcare are not just limited to design of specific products, but it also plays key role in establishing best practices and patterns for data analytics and visualizations. This maximizes the value of the information and works as a central point for clinical collaboration and informed decision making.

UX Design Solutions for Healthcare

We curate customized solutions for healthcare industry professionals across a host of environments. Things to expect with our strategic partnership include -

Experts insights

With an in-depth assessment of the global healthcare industry, our experts are well-equiped to curate solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Solutions that are seamlessly efffective

The bench mark of good user experience lies in its subtlety. Our user-centric solutions are designed to fit your business needs like glove.


Scalable service option

The uniqueness associated with every partnership has ensured that our services are flexible to suit your contemporary and budgetary requirements.


Cost-effective policies

We strive to provide value by way of delivering a strong RoI through effective and affordable products which will cost less to maintain in the long run.

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