How we hire

Koru follows a unique and thorough hiring process which comprises of multiple stages which go on for a few weeks.

  • Telephonic

    Stage 1

    Initial screening followed by a couple of skype and telephonic conversations.

  • Candidate

    Stage 2

    We love to host our candidates and to have a face time with them. This stage mainly involves your visit to our office, doing a few test assignments, a presentation or two followed by a round of GD on interesting topics.

  • Interview

    Stage 3

    In person interview with a panel followed by an interview with our executive team.

  • Offer


    Our leadership and executive team review your application against multiple criteria, once approved, you get your offer.


Here is what we’d recommend

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Read and read a lot - get abreast with the latest practices, pain areas to understand the sensitivity of UX while working with legacy systems that often have peculiar technical constraints to work with.

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As much as possible, expose yourself to complex systems and business model. See if you or your friends have a painful system they have experience dealing with.

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Prepare your own agenda in terms of what you want to gain out of this activity and what you want to leave us with, at the end of it.

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Get enough rest, so you can bring in the energy and good vibe with you.

Points to note

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All our interview happens at our Pride House office. Two wheeler and four wheeler parking is available nearby, outside office building, but allow yourself some time so you can still make it on time for your interview.

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If your interview goes beyond lunch hours, we will take care of your lunch. Refreshments are complimentary and available all through the day.

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Every exercise is exclusive and is curated carefully to work for everyone involved in the process. Please make sure you keep us informed in case you need to reschedule.

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Should you have any other technical requirements (apart from internet which is taken care of), please share the same with us at least a day in advance.

What not to expect

Brain teasers, such as logic puzzles, are rarely used in our interview process. However, hypothetical questions have not been banned at all. Hypothetical questions are imaginary situations that ARE related to the job. (This is in contrast with brain teasers, which ARE NOT related to the job.) Examples of hypothetical questions include ‘Tell us about a time when you had a solution strategy that did not align with the rest of the team?’

Come work with us! We are always looking for great talent to join our team.