Strategic Partnership
with Koru


Koru is a specialized Enterprise UX Design company. We partner with technology companies in B2B space to help them increase the ROI from their products through our expertise in UX.

Some of the core UX problems that we help our
clients with

legacy systems

Building a product
from scratch

UX overhaul and
scaling of an
existing product

Introduce new
features in
existing product

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with enterprise
customers from domains like Financial Services, Healthcare,
Retail, Telecom, Utility & logistics.

Koru looks at the totality of a client’s enterprise and develops solutions that can have an impact on how they do business. Our extensive experience has allowed us to work on complex enterprise systems like ERP, EMR, CRM and other Enterprise/SaaS applications across the web and mobile platforms.

Our proven methodology is driven by customized UX strategies crafted as per the requirements of the business. We engage with our clients as an extended design team seamlessly working with their product teams. This gives our clients the elasticity to scale up or down as per the changes in their design needs.

Our services include

UX Research
and Strategy

UX/UI Design


Koru is a passion-driven collaboration of 50+ professionals who have delivered 350+ Enterprise UX projects collaborating with clientele in San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Lakewood, London, Dubai, Melbourne, Singapore.

Join our mission of user-centric products

We are looking for strategic partners to help us undertake a wide range of projects that will help us grow together. We are looking for development companies with whom we can partner. We will bring UI/UX expertise and solutions for any of your projects to amplify your UX proposition several fold.

If you are: A software development company, Product development company & Software Consultant.

We will be delighted to work with you!

Why partner with us?


Associate with one of the leading
UI/UX design organization


Create a new revenue


Avail Koru UX expertise
for existing projects


Expand the scope of
your projects

Become Koru’s Strategic Partner

At Koru, we pride
ourselves on the people
we work with. Whether
they are our employees,
our partners, or associates.
Working with Koru will
broaden your horizons.
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