Success Story 2

A leading Oracle Cloud Service provider chose Koru to set their first foot in the world of UX


A leading Oracle cloud service provider and a preferred implementation partner, with 5+ development and business teams located across the globe.

With the growing awareness and demand of User Experience, we are constantly faced with the challenge to offer the solution that takes UX into consideration.

Design is not our forte and we need a UX partner that understands the world of enterprises in the context of Siebel Open UI.

- Head of development center, India.


  • Gained a strong understanding of Siebel Open UI and aligned that with UX principles to propose a practical UX process, tailored to this specific situation.

  • Understood the current ways of development lifecycle at client's end.

  • Worked closely with remote teams along with various stakeholders, including sales, development, and project managers, to bring everyone on the same page. Informed them on how UX can be wired into their solutions at the initial conceptualization stage and throughout their project lifecycle.


The client won three major portfolios in banking, media and retail.
The client attained an informed and empowered development team that understood how design fits in their traditional development lifecycle.
Empowered sales team that understood how UX can be leveraged to make their solutions more appealing by taking users into account, and consequently bringing in more business.
Improved churn rate per engineer.
Faster release cycles.

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