Success Story 3

A European telecom company chose Koru over building an in-house UX team


A leading telecom company serving network operators across Europe by providing them SaaS based platforms to manage their operations.

Internal expertise allows us to build UI of a decent standard, but it takes exhaustive hours, it is not functional and lacks the value of UX.

We want to remain lean and focus on our core strengths. Hence, we need access to UX capability without building it in-house. We want to release new products and enhance our existing SaaS platforms to capture the market before anybody else.

- Product Development Director, USA


  • UX audit of current platforms. Mapped the ecosystem to understand the stakeholders, users and how the SaaS platform interacts with other systems.

  • Conducted user research and prototype testing.

  • Information architecture and workflow optimization. Reduced #s of clicks, made the information easy to access, and to comprehend. Made the action items more obvious and brought the frequent ones on surface.

  • Worked with the development team to understand technical constraints and freedom. Helped with integration and assisted them with assets for successful implementation.


The sales team could pitch to prospects with more confidence.
Easy to use platform that gave them an edge over competition.
Reduced release cycle and improved churn rate per engineer.

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