Base business decisions
on insights, not intuitions

UX Audit for Enterprise Applications

Ever notice these areas of friction
in your enterprise software?


Multiple steps needed to accomplish simple tasks


Clunky and cluttered


Inconsistency in visual style and behavior across pages, controls, and modules


Increasing design and technical debt with every update


Confusing and ad-hoc navigation structure

Enhanced User Experience directly impacts how
your employees and customers perceive
your product or software solution


Happier customers and

Increased Reliability
and Performance

Business that’s

Just a few of the many metrics you can
fix with a UX Audit

Improve cross-team
collaboration, transparency

Decrease cognitive load,
manual work

Improve contextual information, ease of accomplishing tasks

Let’s get started

A UX Audit is an expert assessment of your product’s performance in terms of usability and user experience.

It involves examining and rating of the existing user journeys to reveal actionable areas of improvement.

Our Clients Say

“What impressed me was their absolute attention to detail, which is crucial while conducting an audit.”

– Project Management, Information Technology,
On UX Audit of EHR Appointment Module for IT Company

“Their commitment to elevating design standards and their promise of timely-delivery make them a reliable partner.”

– VP of Software Development, Healthcare Company,
On UX audit of Healthcare Management Software

“They are knowledgeable and flexible. I love that they always make a case for the user.”

– Head of Campaign Management, Data Science Company,
On UX audit of the inhouse Project Management tool

How it works

Our UX Audit is
designed to reveal the
areas of opportunities
and pain points by
mapping the user
journey of your system.

We conduct a user-centric analysis of your chosen system to evaluate its ease of use, efficiency, and capability to meet business goals using various research methods.

With these evidence-based insights, you can prioritize and budget for design initiatives with confidence and a promise of return on investment.

The UX Audit Process

An average UX audit takes somewhere between 3 to 5 weeks

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 1

Understanding the ecosystem

We develop our knowledge of the system with a series of meetings, interviews, demos, and review sessions.

  • Onboarding and alignment session
  • Demo of the system
  • Users interviews
  • Subject Matter Experts meetings
  • Stakeholder reviews

Stage 2

Developing findings into theories

After we understand existing workflows and their interdependence with each other, we set out to form hypotheses on what the system needs to improve.

  • Analyze and report
  • Define personas
  • Create Empathy Maps
  • Define User Journeys
  • Turn recommendations into an actionable report

Stage 3

Creating a design roadmap

Here we identify essential touchpoints and how it can be modified to improve the user’s experience. We present a strategic roadmap for future initiatives & priorities.

  • Present our UX Audit Report
  • Show the roadmap for future design initiatives
  • Brief you on the best product release priorities

UX is the key differentiator and
it starts with UX Audit.

The most successful companies today are banking on design to elevate their functionality, product experiences, and services.

Download a sample UX Audit report

Our customers have seen an increase in the productivity of users on their internal systems by up to 36% by fixing issues that weren’t in the limelight before but were dragging their users down gravely.

Discover what your product or application stands to gain through a UX Audit and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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