UX Audit:

Finding Limits & Opportunities at Current UX Maturity

Learn how to:

  • Accurately assess your product’s UX maturity
  • Identify design debt and resolve it priority-wise
  • Ensure a consistent user experience and a product that scales as needed
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    About Kshitij Kaushik:

    As VP of Experience Design, Kshitij Kaushik brings his decade-long experience in solving business problems with a design-led, human-centric approach.

    About Koru UX Design:

    Koru is an award-winning UX Design Agency specializing in Enterprise Applications and SaaS products. We partner with technology companies to drive significant business profits through a design-driven approach.

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    Everything You Need to Know About a UX Audit

    UX Audit: Get Your Sample Report

    How to conduct UX Audit like a pro? Answering important questions.

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