Functional Systems: Are You Paying the Cost of Neglecting User Experience?

Functional systems are designed to perform specific tasks or functions, such as managing inventory, processing payments, or tracking customer information.

Users may resist adopting a system that is not user-friendly, leading to reduced usage and ultimately rendering the system obsolete. Even if the system has all the necessary features, if it is not easy to use, users will not adopt it.

Poor UX design can lead to slower task completion times, user errors, and reduced efficiency, which can have a significant impact on productivity.

Systems with poor UX require more user support and training, leading to increased support costs for the organization. Users may also require more assistance, which can increase wait times and decrease overall satisfaction.

A poorly designed system can lead to lost revenue, as users may abandon the system due to frustration or difficulty completing tasks. Lost revenue can occur in the form of decreased sales, increased customer churn, or missed opportunities.

A system with poor UX can damage the brand image of the organization, as users may associate the poor experience with the organization as a whole. Negative reviews or comments can further exacerbate the issue.