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We help growth-oriented HealthTech companies to meet ambitious product roadmaps.

Seamless UX Collaboration To Help You...

Make your product launch a success.

Perfect for startups launching their v1 product, existing companies planning to go multi-product, and service businesses looking to productize their solution.

Launch confidently make your product launch a success

Prototype for product-market fit

Explore rapid prototyping to accelerate product-market fit.

MVP in two weeks

Prototype an MVP in two weeks by adopting lean UX practices.

Embedded UX design services for scale-up products.

Perfect for growth-focused companies pursuing Series B and Series C funding and software teams transitioning to mature products or going multi-product.

Scale faster embedded UX design services for scale-up products.

Agile Design

Continuous Discovery, Continuous Iteration (CD/CI)

Design System

Streamlined design system enhancing user experiences for for scale-up products.

Give your legacy products a UX/UI lift.

Perfect for SMEs and multi-product companies with legacy software looking to create more consistent, intuitive, and modern experiences for their users.

 Optimize UX give your legacy products a UX/UI lift.

UX Audit

Get actionable insights. Assess your product’s UX and usability with an expert.

UX/UI overhaul of entire product

Use our proven UX methodology to Discover, Define, and Design a better UX.

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healthcare UX projects completed

#Tracking Health

Tracking Health


Tracking Health


Health care

Beautiful, Intuitive & Consistent UX for Your Telehealth, EHR, Patient Management or Claims App

Thriving in complexity

Users have become accustomed to outstanding digital experiences. But of course, most of the apps they use don't face half of the design complexities or challenges that you do.

We speak your language

As one of the world's only UX agencies focused exclusively on solutions for HealthTech companies, we speak your language and understand your need for transparent collaboration.


We hit the ground running, avoid false starts and make an immediate impact of your product from day #1.


Imagine seamlessly collaborating with a partner who already understands:


Diverse user groups


Security and privacy concerns


High stakes use cases


Mobile and remote access


Detailed integrations and interoperability


Emotional and psychological factors


Evolving regulatory compliance


Heightened accessibility practices


Data complexity and volume


Rapidly and continuous change


Recognized Globally For UX Excellence & Outstanding Design

C2A Award


C2A Award

iF Design Award 2024


iF Design Award 2024

iF Design Award 2023



Have you reached a sticking point and want to understand how to improve your UX?

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Are you a healthtech product leader looking to start up, scale up or streamline User Experiences?

Here's how we help....

Unstick Your UX Bottleneck

Many teams arrive at a sticking point where design requirements of new features rapidly outstrip the capacity and abilities of their engineers. We give you access to skilled UX experts so you can scale fast and deliver on intense product roadmaps.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Think of us as an extension of your in-house team. Expect daily communication, fast iterations and deep alignment at every step of the journey. Follow wireframes, mockups, groomed stories, and iterations in real time via Figma and JIRA.

Deploy In Record Time

Rework and frustration occurs when agencies provide designs that look good, but don’t fit your development environment. We’re different. Get everything you need, in the formats you need it, for fast and smooth releases. (Your engineers will ❤️ us!)

Stay At The Forefront Of AI

We have an extensive portfolio of AI applications and use cases. If you’re new to AI, we can help you explore the UX and UI possibilities. If you’re already leveraging AI/LLM, we’ll open your thinking horizon and challenge you to consider richer and more innovative solutions.

Invest In Product Outcomes, Not Office Space

Build a world-className UX team without compromising on quality. Skip the cost and headaches of recruiting, training and managing in-house hires. Our senior designers and project managers will manage all facets of design, project coordination, and reporting for the same investment or less.

Discover how we help you ship beautiful, functional and intuitive user experiences on target, on time, and on budget.

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Trusted by people like you.

As the founder of UrgentIQ, working with Koru UX Design to develop our MVP was a crucial step in our journey.

Their expertise was evident as we onboarded our beta customers and transitioned toward a more mature version of our UX-first urgent care platform. What truly sets them apart was the maturity and creativity of their design team, coupled with their remarkably quick turnaround times—crucial elements that were vital to our project's success. I highly recommend Koru UX Design to anyone looking to elevate their product with a professional and efficient service.

Nathaniel Gibbs, Founder & CEO


User-Centric, Scalable Solutions
That Are Secure & Compliant

Practice Management
Health Plans & Benefits
Healthcare Accessibility

Telehealth Integration in EHR to Assist Overburdened Providers

Improved patient care by merging safety,communication, and real-time tools for providers:appointment alerts, pre-visit patient review, and live translation/transcription.


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