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Smart Assistant to Reduce Post-Discharge Readmissions

Ensuring effective discharge planning using journey mapping to avoid unnecessary post-discharge readmissions.

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  • We believe that a smooth enterprise user experience is a critical component of organizational success. Our focus is centered on increased user productivity and business profitability through proven techniques such as user journey mapping, iterative feedback, and comprehensive research across stakeholders. At Koru UX Design, we specialize in working with all types of enterprise B2B applications such as ERPs, CRMs, HRMs, Inventory Management, Service Infrastructure Management, etc. across industry verticals like Telecom, Warehousing, Banking, and Entertainment. We also specialize in Healthcare Tech and have extensive experience in working with EHRs, HMS, Medical Billing and Payment Solutions, Patient Portals, e-Prescriptions, Appointment Scheduling, Telehealth, and more.

  • UX design is the primary service we provide. However, we do ensure seamless handoff from design to development and minimize tradeoffs by providing front-end development capabilities as required. We have partnered with reliable development service agencies to provide with any additional requirements our clients may need.

  • We provide access to a specialized team of UX designers with expertise in enterprise UX. We utilize design tools that facilitate collaboration, prototyping, and user testing for efficient product development. Our customized design processes align with the unique needs and challenges of the enterprise tech industry. We offer custom plug-and-play UX teams that fit in at the right product development stage to accelerate innovation and go-to-market time.

  • As enterprise UX specialists, we ensure that our solutions are thoroughly user-centric and aligned with the goals of the organization. The solutions we offer include UX Strategy and Design, UX Research, UI Design, UX Audit, and Front-end Integration. We assist clients in migrating their legacy systems, adding new features to existing products, end-to-end UX refresh of existing systems, and designing brand new concepts. We let our results speak for themselves in the form of improved interactions, enhanced productivity, and effortless adoption.