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We are an enterprise User Experience design company

We work remotely and our team members are spread across India. Together, we’re on a quest to enhance enterprise applications to create a positive, powerful, and pleasurable impact on the users.

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Solving wicked design problems is our mojo. If we have that in common, you just might fit right in!

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Koru’s collaborative culture

All of us come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skill sets to the table. What we share in common is our undying love of UXifying things around us. We thrive in a collaborative environment that facilitates a variety of opinions and fresh ideas. 

  • Focused on inclusivity

  • Supporter of constructive debates

  • Big advocates of work-life balance

Bansi Mehta
Culture is not really what you put on the wall but how you make decisions in challenging circumstances.
CEO and Founder, Bansi Mehta

Team well-being through workplace design

We know that getting the work environment right is the key to building a happy and productive team. Our policies are focused on providing our employees

purse UX

Highly competitive compensation

cash bundle UX

Employees’ Provident Fund

medical equipment UX

Health insurance

sun ux

Paid time off plus company-paid retreats

movie ticket ux

Company-sponsored training & workshops

birthday gift ux

Special goodies & virtual celebrations

We’re very sociable people

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