Complex and Aging Legacy Telcos Applications

Assisting a North American telecom company to refine its sales portal for the proposed expansion

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medicade in accessible

Healthcare Insurance

Medicaid: The Inaccessible Social Welfare

Helping senior citizens reap the deserved benefits of assisted medical care.

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Are EHRs Dehumanizing Patient-Doctor Interactions?

Upgrading the existing system for healthcare providers to improve their relationships with patients and deliver top-notch services.

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Transforming UFI-min


Transforming 25+ Legacy Products to SaaS Applications

Keeping up with the changing consumer expectations with an improved user experience.

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Supply Chain

Uplifting Experience for an Inventory Management System

Improving usability with standardized components and smarter workflows.

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Using research to enhance-min


Using User Research to Enhance a Payment Management System

Increasing the value of the system with well-thought integration of new features.

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Building validating-min


Building and Validating the Concept for Quality Healthcare at Home

Validating the concept early on to present the best the application stands to offer.

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