UX Audit for Enterprise Applications

Base business decisions on insights, not intuitions

Ever notice these areas of friction in your enterprise software?

UX dashboard

Multiple steps needed to accomplish simple tasks

UX block layers

Clunky and cluttered screens

ux grid off

Inconsistency in visual style and behavior across pages, controls, and modules

ux layers

Increasing design and technical debt with every update

ux direction board

Confusing and ad-hoc navigation structure

Evaluating the UX of your software product is a vital cog of business digitization

  • Competitive Advantage

    An opportunity to outperform your competition.

  • Happier Clients and Employees

    User-centric experiences result in user retention.

  • Increased Reliability and Performance

    Modernized systems reduce the risks of outage and down-times.

  • Business that’s Future-ready

    Create a culture of innovation and agility in your business.

A UX Audit is an expert assessment of your product’s performance in terms of usability and user experience.

It involves examining and rating the existing user journeys to reveal actionable areas of improvement.

Learn more about how your product fares on the UX maturity scale

UX Audit: Finding Limits & Opportunities at Current UX Maturity

When is a UX audit right for your product?

Its complexity is hindering business growth

Years of ad-hoc updates have created inconsistent workflows and journeys

Mergers & acquisitions have given it an outdated look & feel

What does a UX audit report contain?

Business goals & user needs

Usability Evaluation Report

Heuristic Evaluation Report

User journey map

A roadmap of recommendations & top action items

Check out our sample UX audit report.

ux audit sample report

UX audit sample report

Get your copy

Gain a definitive edge with a UX audit

Prevent directionless development costs

Define & prioritize business goals and technical landscape with accuracy

Gain fresh perspectives about your product’s true potential and future

As part of the UX audit, the team at Koru UX Design also shared a Roadmap of recommendations & top action items. These incorporated recommendations were highly appreciated by the client team. They’re very good at communicating and sticking to committed schedules.
Project Management, Information Technology on UX Audit of EHR Appointment Module for IT Company

UX is the key differentiator and it starts with UX Audit.

The most successful companies today are banking on design to elevate their functionality, product experiences, and services.

Ready to evaluate your product from a user experience perspective?

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