Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour & The Ticketmaster Fiasco: A Classic UX Failure

The Presale Disaster: The Root Causes

“It’s truly amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really pisses me off that a lot of them feel like they went through several bear attacks to get them.”  -Taylor Swift

User Experience: The Skeleton in Ticketmaster’s Closet

1. Let’s talk more about the Site Crashing Issues 2. Complete Lack of Ingenuity 3. Ticketmaster’s Failure to Recognize the Bots 4. Dynamic Pricing And The Rage Against It

It’s Not Their First Time

1. Minimum Efforts To Change The Status Quo 2. They’ve Always Adhered To Dark UX Patterns 3. The Irony of Their Digital Ticket Feature 4. Ticket Design Failures

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