What are the

top 3 indicators of low UX maturity?

“We’ll do the design. You just make it look beautiful.”

Companies that see UX design as an aesthetic addition to make their product “look gorgeous”.

“It’s a training issue.”

The product’s functional complexity being considered a training issue indicates little to no awareness of UX design.

“I don’t think UX is really worth the investment…”

Penny pinching on UX indicates a lack of awareness about t human-centered business practices.

UX maturity refers to the level of sophistication of UX practices applied by an organization.

“Achieving great UX design is not just a function or talent of individuals, it is an organizational characteristic”.

– Chapman and Plewe

Advantages of an increased UX maturity

– Steady growth in sale – Improved customer satisfaction – Increased brand perception – Improved employee retention – Lowered development cost

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