Leadership Playbook for Launching Game Changing Products

Rohan D'Souza Chief Product Officer
Bansi Mehta CEO of Koru UX Design

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Ever wondered what sets the best product launches apart? It’s more than just innovative ideas or perfect timing. It’s about strategic plays and decisions that drive a product to make a significant impact in the market.

In the high-stress, high-stakes world of product development, aligning teams for rapid innovation cycles stands as the paramount challenge for product leaders. The success of this endeavor is deeply rooted in leadership that doesn’t just direct, but truly makes a difference.

This webinar demystifies the essentials of leading modern teams and launching exceptional products. Get ready for a session filled with genuine conversations and practical solutions, all shared by seasoned experts.

Our speakers will get deep into the core of what it takes to build and maintain powerhouse teams. Get your hands on some real-time stories and personal journeys behind their leadership triumphs.

Leadership under pressure is an art, and top Chief Product Officers (CPOs) are the sole force navigating through these pressures. So, how do they maintain their cool and make strategic decisions when the pressure mounts? This session provides an exclusive look at the methods and mindsets of top CPOs, offering you insider knowledge on how to stay composed and make smart moves in high-pressure situations.

Key Takeaways:


  • Find out how the pros build powerhouse teams. Learn from real stories of leadership success.
  • How do the best product launches succeed? Uncover the plays behind the most impactful market entries.
  • How do top CPOs stay cool and make smart moves under pressure? We’ve got the inside track.

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