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Our mission

We are on a mission to bring consumer-grade UX to enterprise applications.

Enterprise applications have a mega impact on the world; infusing a user-centric approach to these systems can enable us to achieve a new level of innovation and productivity. The users of enterprise applications deserve flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-adopt software that helps them do their jobs better. This can be achieved with a focus on user experience for enterprise applications where the smallest decisions can make the biggest impact.

Our vision

To become the world’s most preferred company to help businesses with enterprise applications unleash the power of UX.


UXifying workplaces relentlessly

Koru was founded by Bansi Mehta in 2011 on the belief that enterprise applications shouldn’t limit people – instead, people should have a say in how applications work. She started a mission to UXify workplaces by designing experiences for enterprises that allowed their employees to thrive. The challenges posed by the current state of enterprise UX inspired her to strategically build the methodologies and practices that help our customers achieve success today!

Meet the Forerunners


CEO & Founder

Bansi Mehta

Fiercely passionate and extremely sharp-thinking, Bansi is driven to build a culture that helps people be their best selves at work. Strengthened by over a decade of power-packed experience, she believes that UX for workforces should be tailored to meet the needs of employees, managers, and business owners. A better enterprise UX does not only result in a happier work environment, but also boosts performance, productivity, and revenues.

If left to her own devices with no deadlines to beat, Bansi will travel, spend time with family & friends, and read like there’s no tomorrow!



Mouneet Mehta

Just like mitochondria is a powerhouse of a cell, Mouneet is the powerhouse of Koru. He comes with over thirteen years of entrepreneurial experience in digital designs and computer education industry. As COO, he is the constant voice of reason that ensures that people have all the means they need to perform their very best. Juggling critical and diverse responsibilities, Mouneet is committed to inspiring and empowering employees with a fine balance of work and fun.

When caught on a break, you can chat with him about superbikes, great sneakers, and new places to visit!

Our Team

VP, Experience Design

VP, Experience Design

Kshitij Kaushik

Our unicorn who started as a UX designer and has been a treasure trove of delightful stories

Specially curated cross-discipline team that works hard to help you stand out.

We help you satisfy the needs of modern users who need fast and intuitive tools in their everyday lives.


Our work moves people

Be it a Customer Relationship Management portal, an Electronic Health Record application or a mobile app, we help you simplify complex processes for your workforce. It is a pivotal shift in software applications from being feature-rich and system-centric to being experience-rich and user-centric, our customers lead the shift and become pioneers in their industry.

Life at Koru

We take breaks from time to time to enjoy the simpler things in life


What we do and why

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Never settle

With every project, every challenge and every opportunity, we endeavor to become better at what we do.

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Cut the crap

We focus on what really matters. We are not afraid to set new standards and challenge “normal” ways of working.

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Look out for each other

We happily run extra miles to stand by our team and our clients. We know, we succeed when they succeed.

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Until it’s done

Change is inevitable. So are launch dates. We deliver on time, every time.

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Life is too precious for unpleasant experiences. We strive to build happy, pleasant experiences all around us.

Causes we support

A new study by an international charity for orphaned and abandoned children found that India is home to 20 million orphans, a figure projected to increase by 2021′

There are certain news and stats we wish did not exist. Unfortunately, they do and the reality is worse than sugar-coated figures.

Fortunately, we live in a world that has kindness in abundance. There are people who do the most they can and sometimes go beyond their capabilities to make it easier for the ones in need. If the world is a better place, it’s because of these people.

One such team is SOFOSH which has been changing lives for good for almost 7 years.

Their two care centers Shreevatsa and Tara look after children who are deprived of family or are specially abled. The children are made to feel at home and taken care of with utmost dedication and love. They also facilitate adoptions and provide counseling for it.

We are proud to be affiliated with them and privileged to help them in any possible way. We urge anyone who is privileged enough to help these little souls so that they have a childhood they can reminisce about.

Features and collaborations

With every achievement we unlock, we have a new story to tell. Here’s a snippet of our press coverage, podcasts, and videos.


WFH Forever

We are a 100% remote company, but we do love getting together for conferences, workshops, and holiday retreats every year.

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