From Pinterest to Personalization: Super Design Trends that Shaped 2010s

Renuka Savant | 1 min read

The end of a decade is a momentous occasion. More so when we consider the progress and influence that UX design has had on technology. As the decade is coming to a close, we’re revisiting the biggest tech and UX design milestones of the years gone by.

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The design and technology sectors are positioned in an interesting space. For them, the decade began with introducing users to the marvels of user-centric tools. Concerns were raised when the very tools (read: user data) they used to “personalize” technology came to be misused. From now on, the challenge lies in understanding the true meaning of being user-centric while keeping an eye on the profits.

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Sr. Content Writer at Koru UX Design, Renuka loves to write, discuss, research, and read up on the latest in user experience design. When she’s not doing that, she spends her days watching crime thrillers and sports.

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