Selecting the right UI/UX design agency for your B2B digital product is a critical decision that impacts your bottom line and market position.

The wrong choice will cost so much more than just time and resources. It can derail entire product timelines, and impact long-term strategic goals. This decision isn’t a monthly subscription you can easily swap; it’s a long-term commitment with multi-million dollar implications.

Our list of the top 10 UI/UX agencies for 2024 cuts through the noise, offering a straightforward guide to help you identify a partner that aligns with your strategic goals.

Top 10 UI/UX Design Agencies In 2024

The UI/UX design agencies on this list represent the pinnacle of design expertise, innovation, and user-centric methodologies in 2024.

1. Koru UX Design

Koru UX Design Agency

Koru UX Design is an award-winning agency that specializes in creating transformative user experiences for the B2B, healthcare, and SaaS industries. They offer embedded UX design services that seamlessly integrate with product teams, ensuring products are not only intuitive but also aligned with the complex needs of all users.

Why Koru is the Ideal Partner for Your UX Project?

  • Healthcare UX Expertise: We’re all about crafting intuitive user experiences for complex healthcare systems. No jargon, just smooth, easy-to-navigate designs.
  • Speedy Delivery Without Any Compromise: Got a fast-paced project or a tight roadmap? We keep up without cutting corners on quality. Your deadlines are our priority.
  • Seamless Team Integration: We’re like an extension of your team. Expect daily updates, quick tweaks, and a goal-driven approach that fits right in with your workflow.
  • A Dev Team’s Dream: Our designs aren’t just pretty; they’re engineered for smooth, hassle-free deployment. Your devs will thank you.
  • Maximize Your Budget: Imagine having a top-tier UX team without the overhead of an in-house squad. Quality meets cost-efficiency with Koru.

Who is it Perfect For?

Koru is the ideal partner for entities within the healthcare, B2B, and SaaS realms, ranging from startups to large enterprises. Their services are especially beneficial for organizations looking to scale quickly without compromising on quality, offering cost-effective solutions that make the most of your budget.

Why Work With Them?

What sets Koru apart is its embedded service model, which promotes daily communication, fast iterations, and deep alignment with client teams. This model ensures that designs are simple and streamlined for development teams to deploy.

Koru’s ability to ask better questions leads to smarter design cycles, pushing projects further, and faster. Their expertise in healthcare UX is unmatched, offering a significant advantage to companies in this niche by skipping the learning curve typically associated with understanding complex healthcare processes and requirements.

2. Clay

UI/UX Design agencies


Clay is a branding and UI/UX design agency renowned for transforming ideas into digital realities that captivate and engage. Specializing in UI/UX design for web and mobile applications, branding, and digital strategy, Clay leverages the latest design trends and technologies to deliver immersive user experiences.

Ideal for startups and innovative companies across the tech, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors, Clay adapts to a wide range of budgets, making them a perfect fit for both ambitious startups and established enterprises looking to redefine their digital presence.

3. Frog

Frog: Human-Centered Design & Strategy for Brand and Product Innovation. UI/UX Design agencies


Frog is one of the top-rated UI/UX design agencies that transforms businesses by creating systems of brand, product, and service that deliver a distinctly better experience. Their approach is deeply human-centered, leveraging creative and strategic capabilities to innovate and design meaningful solutions.

Frog excels in strategic design, innovation, and brand experience across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, consumer electronics, and automotive. Their core strengths lie in integrating design and strategy to create comprehensive solutions that span the digital and physical realms.

4. Pony Studio

Pony Studio: Digital Product Design for Startups and Tech Companies UI/UX Design agencies


Pony Studio is a dynamic UI/UX design agency known for its fresh, innovative approach to digital product design. They specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly designs that drive engagement and conversion.

Their expertise includes mobile and web design, brand identity, and user experience strategy, focusing on startups and technology companies. It is perfect for startups and tech companies looking for a bold, inventive design approach that sets them apart in competitive markets.

5. Onething Design Studio

Onething Design: Enhancing E-commerce, EdTech, and FinTech Experiences UI/UX Design agencies


Onething is a UI/UX Design Agency studio with a track record of boosting business outcomes through elegant design solutions. They focus on creating products that not only look great but also provide seamless user experiences.

Onething specializes in UI/UX design for mobile apps, websites, and digital platforms, with a keen focus on e-commerce, edtech, and fintech sectors. It is perfect for e-commerce platforms, educational technology firms, and financial technology startups seeking to enhance their digital presence through user-centered design.

6. Supersuper Agency

Supersuper Agency: UI/UX Frontiers for Startups, E-Commerce, and Lifestyle Brands UI/UX Design agencies


Supersuper Agency emerges as a beacon of innovation in the UI/UX design agencies landscape, setting new standards for creativity and user-centric solutions. With a vibrant team of designers, strategists, and developers, they excel in transforming ideas into captivating digital experiences.

Renowned for its expertise in interactive web design, branding, and digital strategy, Supersuper Agency crafts unique user experiences that resonate with audiences. They are a go-to for businesses seeking a standout digital presence in sectors like tech startups, e-commerce, and lifestyle brands.

7. DesignIt Studio

DesignIt: Design Solutions for the Digital Era in Finance, and Tech UI/UX Design agencies


DesignIt UI/UX design agency combines strategic design and innovation to help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital era. With a global footprint and a multidisciplinary team, they deliver solutions that enhance user experiences and drive growth.

Their service offerings span strategic innovation, product and service design, and digital experiences across healthcare, finance, and technology sectors. DesignIt excels in creating cohesive user experiences that integrate seamlessly across all touchpoints.

8. Ceiden

Ceiden: Intuitive Design for FinTech, and EdTech Digital Platforms UI/UX Design agencies


Ceiden is at the forefront of a UI/UX design agency, specializing in creating immersive digital experiences that drive engagement and conversion. Their approach is centered around understanding the user’s journey and leveraging design to enhance interactions across digital platforms.

With a strong focus on UI/UX design for web and mobile applications, Ceiden excels in user research, interface design, and user testing, particularly in the fintech, edtech, and healthcare sectors. Their commitment to crafting intuitive, user-friendly designs sets them apart.

9. UITop Design

UITop: Advanced UI/UX Design for Tech-Driven Companies and E-Commerce UI/UX Design agencies


UITop is distinguished by its commitment to being one of the top-tier UI/UX design agencies, focusing on creating user-centric digital products that drive engagement and business success. Their approach melds innovative design with strategic insights, ensuring products not only look great but also perform exceptionally.

UITop excels in UI/UX design for web and mobile applications, emphasizing usability, accessibility, and cutting-edge design trends. Their expertise spans a range of industries, including tech startups, e-commerce, and SaaS, where they leverage design to solve complex user problems.

10. UXStudio

UXStudio: Crafting Beloved Digital Experiences in Healthcare, Education, and FinTech UI/UX Design agencies


UXStudio specializes in creating digital products that people love to use. Their team focuses on designing and improving the user experience through meticulous research, design, and testing processes, ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

With a strong emphasis on UX research, product design, and user testing, UXStudio caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, education, and fintech. They are known for their ability to transform complex user data into actionable design decisions, creating intuitive and effective digital experiences.

Essential Guide to Selecting the Top UI/UX Design Agency

Partnering with an expert external agency saves costs up to 63% for product companies across sectors and sizes. However, these savings materialize only when you partner with an agency that aligns with your needs. To guide you in finding that perfect match, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist:

A Complete Checklist To Choose The Best UI/UX Design Agency

Koru’s Distinct Advantage: The Vanguard of B2B, Healthcare, and SaaS UX Excellence

At Koru UX Design, our differentiation lies not just in our services, but in the depth of our experience and the breadth of our expertise within the B2B sector. Having collaborated on B2B projects of every scale, from agile startups to sprawling enterprises, we’ve amassed an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and a robust portfolio that speaks volumes of our capabilities.

Koru’s extensive experience in the B2B sector has led to a proven track record of success. We’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact of well-executed UX design on businesses’ growth and efficiency. Our projects have spanned a diverse range of industries, granting us a panoramic view of the B2B world and allowing us to refine our strategies to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you simplify complex software, scale faster, and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences.