Disrupting the OKR Software Market with a Modern, Minimalist Approach

Refining OKR frameworks by addressing their existing complexity using a streamlined, minimalist design approach to enable smoother goal tracking and boost productivity.

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Practice Management

Snapshot of Ayraa, the minimalist OKR platform’s desktop UI


What if there was a brand new way to refresh the same old OKR systems?

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a fundamental framework followed by companies to align their goals and maximize potential. Despite being a crucial factor driving a company’s success, the existing OKR tools drown in the sea of complex admin-management systems, giving rise to tedious drafting processes and misalignments between objectives and key results. This gap becomes even more glaring when one sees the potential productivity that could be harnessed with better-designed systems.


Ayraa envisioned a brand-new, transformative OKR platform to simplify the goal-setting process and elevate organizational productivity through innovative technology. 


OKR tools are stuck in a time warp

The multitude of existing OKR software never offered an intuitive experience. Employees would struggle to draft accurate objectives that would align with the assigned results. Managers, who would be tasked with checking and approving ORKs for multiple people could not keep up with the timelines, resulting in bottlenecks.
The result? Misaligned objectives and key results, which eventually impacted long-term productivity and business goals.


Design a minimalist, predictive OKR system that guided users and streamlined the process

An intuitive, minimalist OKR tool that helps users to become proactive in setting clear objectives and aids managers to seamlessly oversee and approve them, thus fast-tracking the company’s progress.


A data-driven methodology to identify the right problem to be solved

Koru’s 4-stage design methodology covering problem discovery, definition, ideation, and implementation of the solution
Koru’s UX Design Methodology

The user stood central in our creative journey, driving us to ensure every design facet is intuitive, clutter-free, and scalable. The design principles laid down by Ayraa emphasized the need to design a no-frills, minimalist system that just got the job done efficiently. We used these principles as a north star to guide the design process from start to finish. Since this new product was aimed at a specific target audience and company size to fulfill a niche requirement, our research activities were focused on choosing the right user groups to extract rich insights.

Minimal UI styles as proposed by the client


We started by conducting user interviews along with frequent meetings with subject matter experts to collect information that helped in forming user personas and a typical user journey map.

Details of the user group and research methods used in the discovery phase of the design process.
User group and research methods used in the discovery



Two design directions were pursued. The emphasis was on simplicity, ensuring users could draft and approve goals with ease. Concepts of minimalism drove our ideation process, focusing on a clutter-free experience that matched user mental models.


The principle of ‘less is more’ resonated with our client’s design ethos. The minimalistic OKR tool was crafted to guide users seamlessly. Notable features included sleek, easy-to-access navigation, intuitive status indicators, and an AI-powered Smart Assistant to aid users.

UX Strategy

A Focus on Simplicity and User Engagement

The strategy, developed with Ayraa’s active input, focused on a user-centric UI, ensuring the software met real organizational needs effectively. The aim was to empower users to draft objectives effortlessly, obtain swift approvals, visually track progress, and feel a sense of ownership in their contributions.

Exploration of icons, colors, and themes for designing the UI

We recognized two primary barriers:

  • The challenge of accurately drafting goals by the employees
  • Ensuring their swift approval and adherence by the managers
Exploration of neumorphic theme for the UI to give a three-dimensional, realistic effect but with a minimalist focus.

Given these challenges, we brainstormed two directions:

Direction 1: Emphasized

Direction 2: Prioritized

Post-testing and feedback, our strategy converged on:

  • Retaining essential components for focused task management
  • Implementing a calming UI based on neumorphism and glassmorphism principles
  • Discreet placement of the AI-powered Smart Assistant for easy accessibility.

UI Design

Winner of the iF Design Award 2023

User Experience category

Ayraa OKR Platform boosts employee productivity and efficiency


  • 32% reduction in time from drafting to approval, increasing overall efficiency.

  • 68% of users report better goal tracking and management, leading to enhanced usability.

  • The simplified OKR creation process and monitoring boosted the productivity of employees and managers.

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