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Your Guide to HealthTech UX with Koru


The UX Design gamble you don't have to take!

Choosing the right UX partner can be daunting, particularly in the high-stakes environment of the healthcare industry.

Everyone claims to collaborate transparently and iterate at your pace, but you know that is not always the case.

If only you could get an inside look at how your UX partner operates. Well, you can. We invite you to schedule a conversation with our team or keep reading to see what it’s like working with Koru.

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Hesitant to hand over your vision to an external team?

After months (sometimes years) of painstaking work – building your team, raising capital, establishing product-market fit, and growing your ARR - many HealthTech companies entrust their vision to a UX agency in the hope they will add the final polish to their product.

  • Early doubts arise when their agency demonstrates its lack of experience with healthcare (the roles, relationships, complexity, and unique terminology).

  • Fears worsen when a week turns into a month with little meaningful communication (and no opportunity for review or feedback).

  • And the extent of the disaster is only fully realized when the agency presents a concept that is totally misaligned.


Which of these qualities are you looking for in a UX Design partner?

Award-Winning Experience

Over the past 13 years, the team at Koru has collaborated on more than 1,500 projects that have touched the lives of millions of end users and earned our team dozens of global design awards.


HealthTech Specialists

As a UX design agency focused exclusively on solutions for HealthTech companies, we speak your language and understand all healthcare stakeholder connections.

Speed, Collaboration, And Excellence

We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of craft excellence, both through rapid iterations and constructive criticism. We encourage constant feedback and action all feedback within 24-48 hours. As a result, you can expect two or more iterations per week. This ensures you remain in control and confident that your project is aligned with your vision at every step of the journey.

How We Meet Even The Most Ambitious Product Roadmaps

We have developed a proven system that allows us to quickly understand your complex HealthTech application and begin adding value from Day #1.


Understanding Your Vision

Too many UX agencies forget the ‘aim’ part of ‘ready, aim, fire’. They get busy designing something they want rather than truly understanding your vision, users, frameworks and deployment process - wasting your time and money.

On the contrary, we take time to fully understand your vision.

  • We follow up with intelligent questions that help you clarify and refine your product roadmap.

  • We conduct stakeholder interviews to get a full operational understanding for all users.

  • Before we proceed, we’ll host a group review to ensure everyone is aligned.

Creative, Proactive Brainstorming

Some agencies are like order takers who blindly follow directions. Others argue every point, stubbornly forcing you to compromise on your vision.

We help you imagine the full scope of your vision and strive to over deliver to bring it to life in elegant, functional designs that surpasses expectations.

Once our team understands your vision, we conceptualize 2 or 3 ways of solving the problem, considering all stakeholder perspectives, striving to pinpoint areas where UX can make a significant impact, and pushing each other to exceed standards of excellence (we don’t believe in mediocrity or playing it safe).

Building On Your Vision

We always consider a range of possible solutions, one of which could be what was asked for, but always more. This opens up the thinking horizon for the stakeholders and sparks conversations that lead to richer and better solutions.

When we have sign-off on wireframes, it’s safe to move to UI design. Some changes can still come, but by this stage, we’re typically talking about minor refinements and not wholesale changes.

Rest assured, you remain fully informed and in total control at all times.


Hand-picked Team

We’ve spent the last 13 years assembling a team of the world’s finest HealthTech UX specialists (in design, systems, and products).

We match the skill sets to your project to ensure the very best outcome. For instance, some projects may need heavy focus on the design system, whereas others require rapid prototyping in pursuit of product-market fit.

Once the SOW is finalized, we’ll schedule a kick-off to introduce the team, set expectations, discuss the activities for the onboarding week and define the scope for Sprint #1.


Accurate Alignment With Fast Outputs And Iterations

While most agencies meet initial deadlines, many fall behind as the complexities of the HealthTech sector inevitably emerge. Feedback piles up, releases hit roadblocks and frustrations grow. The results are blowouts in time frames, cost overruns and deliverables that are completely misaligned with your roadmap.

Constant progress on high-value tasks

We are constantly progressing high-value tasks, often completing 2 or more iterations per week and actioning feedback in 24 hours, so you can plan with certainty knowing your project is on target, on time, and on budget.

Continuous feedback loop with you

We provide fixed weekly touch points for every sprint. This enables us to outperform most UX design agencies – in speed and quality.

And with a continuous feedback loop (through asynchronous channels like Slack) and weekly alignment sessions (via synchronous channels like Zoom) you can be sure we never work as a silo or forge ahead with work that has not been validated.

Culture of accountability and continuous improvement

Our design leaders set a culture of innovation and excellence with continuous improvement.

This starts with a detailed plan with strict KPIs and constant reviews (often 3-4 per day) for unquestionable accountability.

Each of our design leaders has between 10 to 20 years of experience. They oversee and lead every project, immerse themselves in your Figma files, conceptualize designs, and drive significant strides on every project - challenging and pushing the team to move swiftly while continuously adding value.

Total transparency

Too many client relationships break down through uncertainty. The unknown gives birth to doubts and erodes trust. That’s why you have total access to all platforms, workflows, and communication channels (including Figma, Design Library, JIRA, Teams, Miro Board, and Slack) so you can see all mockups, groomed stories, and iterations in real time and have full visibility of exactly what’s happening.


Expected Outcomes

Too many software companies invest months of resources only to be disappointed in the end result.

Our agile design process ensures we understand your vision and deliver all outcomes as agreed.

  • Proactive brainstorming.

  • Multiple design options and iterations.

  • Constant communication with total transparency.

  • Frequent feedback.

Emergent, Not Prescriptive

Solving complex design problems is an emergent process. That’s why we don’t take on fixed-bid projects.

We believe user-centric design is an iterative process. You don’t know what you don’t know at the beginning: it’s the process that reveals it.

We trust our experience and proven processes to guide next steps. We’ll never prescribe pre-meditated solutions that act contrary to real-world feedback from user interactions.

Elegant, Tested, And Flawlessly Functional


There are two fundamental traps in HealthTech.

  • The first is oversimplifying designs, which usually occurs because the UX team is accustomed to basic B2C applications.

  • And the second is over complicating designs, which is typically because a design team doesn’t have a nuanced understanding of user requirements and as such everything is equally important.

Thanks to our deep experience in HealthTech, our UX designers will make your product beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use.

And, the rigorous testing (including peer reviews, hallway testing, and direct interactions with advisory groups, customers, and end users), baked into our process, ensures it functions flawlessly.

Engineered For Success

Engineering teams love us because we understand software development. We’ll ask a ton of questions up front to understand your development process, frameworks and even personal preferences. That way we can give you everything you need, in the formats and file types you need it, to ensure fast and smooth releases.

We help product managers groom the story, which includes signed-off designs, mock ups for all use cases and other specifications. We also provide training for front-end teams on how to use Figma’s design library, using developer mode and other hand-holding.


The true success of our efforts is measured by:

  • How much of what we made was able to be shipped.

  • The extent to which we delivered on the agreed objectives.

  • How we were able to reduce the development cycle and speed up releases.

Our Proven Process Has Been Successfully Applied To

1,500+ Projects With Leading HealthTech Companies Including:


Ready to see what our skills, processes, and unmatched dedication can do for you?

We understand the frustration of common UX design issues in HealthTech.

Our unique process tackles those challenges, delivering HealthTech user experiences that are both beautiful and effective – on target, on time, and on budget.

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