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Global HealthTech leaders and emerging product teams partner with us to enhance their UX capabilities, enabling them to ship better software, scale faster, and make a greater impact.


Whether you have a specific UX need, are starting from scratch to achieve product-market fit, or seek a long-term strategic partner,

We can help in the following areas...

UX Research

UX Research

We conduct comprehensive UX research to gain in-depth insights about your users through contextual inquiries, user and stakeholder interviews, surveys, A/B testing, and diary studies.

  • Gain in-depth insights about your users through contextual inquiries, user and stakeholder interviews, surveys, A/B testing, and diary studies.
  • Leave nothing to guesswork - identify pain points, uncover opportunities, and provide actionable insights to improve your product experience.

User Testing

We employ nuanced user testing methods to conduct user testing for a specialized, niche user base, ranging from providers and front-desk staff to claim adjudicators and clinic administrators.

  • Conduct moderated and unmoderated user testing with real users as they interact with complex, multi-device clickthrough prototypes or working products.
  • Uncover usability issues, measure performance, and get specific recommendations for improving your product’s experience.

Journey Mapping

Our journey mapping process identifies pain points and opportunities, ensuring seamless and intuitive experiences for applications like EHRs, telehealth apps, and patient portals.

  • Visualize how your healthtech product delivers on user experience at every step of the journey across channels and touchpoints.
  • Utilize a systematic way to understand key challenges and uncover underlying potential in your app.

UX Audit

Our audit evaluates user journeys, business goals, and usability, providing a detailed report with actionable recommendations to enhance performance, reliability, and user satisfaction, driving tangible business outcomes.

  • Assess usability and user experience to identify issues like complex workflows, clunky screens, inconsistent styles, and confusing navigation.
  • Gain actionable insights that can inform your product roadmap and help you prioritize the initiatives that promise maximum impact.
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Strategy & Consultation

UX Strategy

We always begin by developing a comprehensive UX roadmap that aligns with your objectives, envisioning the full scope of your vision, and creating a clear, actionable execution plan.

  • Conceptualize multiple ways to solve key UX challenges while considering all stakeholder perspectives.
  • A shared vision and alignment allow you to move faster and more confidently when you begin to execute, laying the foundation for elegant, functional designs that exceed user expectations.

UX Consultation

Get fast, expert advice on your most pressing UX challenges. We provide an experienced sounding board to clarify and solve strategic design challenges. Drawing on our experience with over 1,500 healthcare UX projects, we offer specific and actionable recommendations to navigate complex issues.

  • During this guided process, you’ll explore how others in your category meet similar user requirements, technology and device considerations, team resources, budgets, roadmaps, timelines, and compliance with HIPAA and other data security regulations.

Design Thinking Workshops

Facilitate innovation and problem-solving with our design thinking workshops. We guide your team through creative processes to develop novel, user-centric solutions.

  • Focus on collaborative brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and iterative feedback, helping you address strategic UX challenges, align stakeholder perspectives, and create actionable plans to move you forward.

Accessibility Consulting

Ensure your healthtech product is accessible to all users. Benefit from our deep experience designing for users with cognitive, mobility, hearing, and visual impairments.

  • Explore elegant and innovative solutions for diverse user groups, challenging the status quo and advancing inclusive software design.
  • We help you comply with regulations such as ADA and WCAG, enhancing usability and promoting better user outcomes, adoption and engagement.
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UX/UI Design

UX Design

Our approach ensures your applications, whether telehealth platforms, EHR systems, or patient engagement solutions, provide beautiful, seamless and consistent journeys.

  • Create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with our award-winning UX design services.
  • Focus on user-centered design principles to enhance the overall experience of your healthtech app.

UI Design

We create intuitive, accessible, and consistent interfaces that enhance usability and overall user experience across all devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, wearables, and kiosks.

  • Smarter UIs don’t just look great, they also save users time, avoid information overload and improve software adoption.
  • Design elegant, intuitive and functional interfaces with our award-winning designers.

Interaction Design

Our interaction design principles ensure tasks like scheduling appointments, receiving test results, and managing health records are seamless and engaging. Enhance user interaction with thoughtful and intuitive design.

  • Focus on the five dimensions of interaction design: meaningful words, effective visual representations, consideration of physical objects or space, time-based media feedback, and intuitive user behavior. This ensures every user interaction is a positive one.

Information Architecture

Organize your content for optimal user navigation with our information architecture services. Structure your app’s information to enhance usability and accessibility, ensuring users can find what they need quickly and easily.

  • Create intuitive multi-layer navigations, organize modules, and manage large volumes of workflows and screens.
  • Reduce cognitive load, streamline interactions, and support seamless user experiences at scale.

Design System

Develop a cohesive design system that ensures consistency across your product suite. Our design systems promote efficiency, scalability, and a unified user experience.

  • By standardizing elements like typography, color schemes, and UI components, we streamline the design and development process, ensuring your product maintains a high level of quality and coherence.
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Tracking Health


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Front-end Development



Build responsive and accessible interfaces with our HTML/CSS development services. Ensure your healthtech product is optimized for performance, usability, and ease of deployment.



Leverage the power of React for dynamic, functional and responsive web apps. Build fast, interactive applications that can handle complex health data, across various devices, ensuring a seamless user experience that adapts to the needs of users.



Create scalable and maintainable applications with Angular. Leverage Angular’s powerful features to build robust applications that are efficient and easy to manage.




We operate on the bleeding edge of AI/LLM. Create innovative, user-friendly solutions for decision support, health analytics, and personalized medicine.

By integrating AI's speed and analytical power with user-centered design, we streamline complex workflows, simplify navigation of large data sets, accelerate user outcomes, and set new benchmarks for healthcare and medical technology.

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