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Enterprise orgs need a reliable UX partner to meet their product goals. This is where we come in, we don’t create or refine your product vision; we immerse in it. Experience clarity in design direction, perfect alignment with user needs, and a total commitment to your enduring success.

Crafting Product Design that Define Enterprise Excellence

Trusted Digital Product Design Services For All Your Design Needs

Our experts dive deep, partnering with your visionaries to tie every design decision to clear, measurable business outcomes from the get-go. Every user interaction is scrutinized against business KPIs, ensuring that your products not only captivate but also drive tangible success.


Launch new products & features

Revolutionize your industry with stellar UI and unbeatable UX. Whether you’re introducing a fresh product or an additional feature, embrace a strategic design that not only disrupts the market but also complements your existing product suite.


Strengthen Strategy with UX Research: Journey Pain-Point Analysis

Forget surface-level design tweaks. As a top-tier product design studio, we immerse ourselves in adopting true UX discovery methods like in-depth interviews, and intricate role assessments. Beyond just design thinking, we witness, understand, and visualize the initial design concepts that truly resonate.


UX Roadmap Creation & Strategy

Commence with clarity. Set the right KPIs and create a roadmap aligned with our digital product design services. We merge with your strategy unit, ensuring the visuals, interactivity, and functionality are finely tuned to your business objectives.


Consistent UI/UX Enhancement

Offer your users a seamless experience across platforms. Benefit from our product design firm know-how to establish a coherent design language and consistent user experience.


Usability Testing

Our work doesn’t end with handing over designs. We rigorously test usability, juxtaposing original business KPIs against real-world performance. Every pixel, every interaction, gauged for maximum business impact.


Comprehensive UX Audit Services

Spot, analyze, and remedy. Our product design firm expertise ensures your product undergoes a rigorous UX audit, highlighting areas of improvement and offering actionable insights.


Front-End Integration

Marry design with functionality. With our adept front-end integration expertise, bridge the gap between design vision and its tangible, interactive realization on the web or application interface.

Koru’s Journey in Figures: A Snapshot of Dedication & Results

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Ensure Every Detail Is Meticulously Refined With Our Fourfold Design Blueprint

When your enterprise product is plagued by subpar design, it inadvertently breeds inefficiencies. Our four-step design methodology focuses on eradicating these bottlenecks ensuring every touchpoint is streamlined, intuitive, and geared for optimal productivity. Our design ethos ensures that your digital product work for your users, not against them.

We’ve worked with

Product Manager, Software Dev Company

Redefine Enterprise Success with Expert Product Design Craftsmanship

Unlock unfettered access to full-stack UX design expertise. Experience unmatched flexibility to grow in tandem with your evolving requirements. Choose a digital product design agency that not only understands your vision but elevates it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Certainly! We maintain an extensive portfolio on our website that exhibits our work across various industries and project types. This portfolio has been curated to highlight the range and depth of our capabilities in digital product design services. While some details have been anonymized to protect our client’s confidentiality, these case studies give a comprehensive overview of our design expertise and problem-solving skills.

  • Over the years, we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with diverse sectors, including Healthcare, SaaS, Finance, Enterprise, Telecom, Retail, and E-commerce, among others. Our experience as a prominent product design studio has equipped us with a multifaceted perspective, enabling us to tackle unique design challenges and cultivate specialized solutions for industry-specific requirements.

  • Our digital product design agency’s approach is holistic and user-centric, emphasizing collaboration and iterative refinement. Typically, we begin with a discovery phase where we engage with stakeholders and users to understand the product vision, requirements, and challenges. This is followed by ideation and conceptualization, where we draft initial wireframes and prototypes. After a series of reviews and iterations, the designs undergo usability testing and, once approved, are handed off for development. Post-launch, we actively monitor user behavior and feedback to ensure continuous improvement and refinement.

  • Absolutely. As one of the top product design firms, our team is well-versed in designing for a myriad of platforms, including web, mobile (iOS, Android), and desktop applications. We focus on creating platform-specific, responsive, and intuitive designs that leverage the strengths and capabilities of each platform while ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across all devices.

  • Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in UX/UI design, psychology, human-computer interaction, and technology. With years of experience in providing digital product design services, our designers and researchers bring a blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and domain-specific knowledge, ensuring innovative, user-friendly, and effective design solutions.

  • Our project timelines are tailored based on the project’s scope, complexity, and client requirements. Typically, a project involves phases like discovery, design, iteration, testing, and handoff. We employ agile methodologies, fostering flexibility and continuous feedback as a digital product design agency. A dedicated project manager liaises with the client, ensuring clear communication, timely updates, and adherence to deadlines.

    Throughout the design process, we engage in regular review sessions, workshops, and iterations. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback, which we incorporate iteratively, ensuring the design aligns with their vision and user needs.

  • Yes, after an in-depth consultation and understanding of your project’s scope and requirements, we provide a detailed proposal, breaking down the estimated costs, timelines, deliverables, and milestones related to our digital product design services.

  • We’re experienced in collaborating with both in-house teams and external partners. Our team, as a trusted digital product design agency, adopts a transparent and communicative approach, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration throughout the project.

  • Our distinctiveness lies in our holistic, user-centric approach combined with our rich industry experience and commitment to innovation. We don’t just design; we partner with our clients, ensuring that every design solution not only looks great but also drives tangible business results. Our team’s dedication, adaptability, and collaborative spirit ensure that our clients always receive the best solutions tailored to their unique needs as a leading product design studio.