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Our award-winning designs come from a decade’s expertise in working with the healthcare ecosystem. We design healthcare products and solutions that are used by millions of users globally.


Specialized User Research

Recognize the root of the problem with specific research methods designed to reveal the pain points of distinct user groups within the healthcare ecosystem.


Pragmatic healthcare UX Strategies

Create and assemble tactics to meet the need of present healthcare complexities and compliances while keeping an eye on the future of healthcare technology.


Futuristic Prototypes

Use rapid prototyping to test, evaluate, and iteratively build future-friendly solutions for medical devices, healthtech products, and specialized medicine tools.


Scalable Design Systems

Meet release requirements on time and offer consistent experience to patients, providers, physicians, and payers across channels and products.

Domain-rich expertise

Domain-rich expertise in working with a wide range of healthcare UX solutions

Telehealth appsRevenue Cycle ManagementEnterprise Messenger
Electronic Health Records (EHR)Benefit Plan ManagementPharmacy and Medicine Dispensing
Patient Engagement solutionsClaim ProcessingHome Health Solutions
Patient PortalBenefit Enrollment & ActivationLaboratory Information System
Enterprise Virtual AssistantBill EstimatorsPractice Management
Patient AppsData Visualization & DashboardsSpecialty Medicine

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VP of Software Development, Most-used Telemedicine App in the US

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FAQs related to Healthcare UX

  • Healthcare UX Design paves the way for a better user experience by streamlining processes, improving communication, and enhancing the overall usability of healthcare systems and applications. By incorporating user feedback iteratively, we ensure that medical platforms are user-friendly, accessible, and personalized to individual needs. This ultimately leads to increased patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and improved engagement with healthcare services

  • User experience is crucial in the healthcare sector because it directly impacts patient and public health outcomes. For example, a well-designed user experience in EHR applications ensures that providers can efficiently access and manage patient data, leading to more accurate diagnoses and timely treatments. Similarly, for patients, a positive user experience enhances engagement with healthcare services, improves adherence to treatment plans, and fosters trust and confidence in the healthcare provider, ultimately resulting in better overall healthcare experiences and outcomes.

  • The UX design process remains the same, regardless of the industry. As for any other sector, our design process is spread over four stages where we focus on defining the right problem and finding the right solution. This approach forms the foundation of creating designs that are clutter-free, easy, intuitive, scalable, engaging, and provide a fabulous experience to the users.

  • Koru UX Design has an experience of over 10 years of working with companies specializing in healthcare technology, including EHRs, HMS, Medical Billing and Payment Solutions, Patient Portals, e-Prescriptions, Appointment Scheduling, Telehealth, and more