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Design a SaaS experience users love and stick around for. We zero in on what users genuinely want, tossing out the pain points and setting up strategies that make them stick.

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Bad UX means you are losing money right now. Counteract this by building strategies that skyrocket your SaaS market growth.

Boost user adoption through seamless UX design

Power up product-led growth with standout UX strategies

Disrupt markets with pioneering features and user-centric plans

Cultivate customer retention with designs that resonate and engage

Tailor experiences to drive competitive advantage and market leadership

Services that Resonate, Designs that Engage


Design A New Product From The Ground Up

We design products that are equipped to evolve with your users, effectively reducing churn and building a sustainable growth pathway


UX Overhaul for Your SaaS Products

We conduct UX audits to uncover hidden pain points and identify broken workflows. We examine every step of your user’s journey, identifying and removing friction points. We then apply strategic redesign to streamline processes and enhance usability.


Lead the Market With Disruptive Product Plans and Roadmaps

Steer your SaaS product towards sustained growth and market leadership with Koru. Beyond crafting product roadmaps, we ideate and incorporate innovative features and plans, set to disrupt the market and set you a class apart.


Agile Response to Market Demands

Make your SaaS product a frontrunner, with designs that are always fresh, relevant, and engaging. Our cohesive research and design approach can help you rapidly respond to changing market demands and user preferences.

Koru’s Journey in Figures: A Snapshot of Dedication & Results


Years of UX brilliance

1 million+

Users served across the world through enterprise applications

4.8/5 stars

Clutch ratings by our customers in the US

Our Edge, Your Success – The Koru Advantage

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Mitigate Overheads & Liabilities

We recognize the impact of cost and resource constraints on your business. Our engagement model ensures that you gain top-quality UX design expertise without the overheads and liabilities of an in-house team.

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A Full-Blown Integrated Approach

We become an extension of your team, adopting a holistic design approach that emphasizes a smooth design and development process over mere conversions. This strategy facilitates a better user journey and ensures a harmonious and efficient workflow.

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Access to Full-stack UX Expertise

Get access to our full-stack UX expertise. Choose a dedicated team adept at solving current challenges efficiently, eliminating the need for expensive in-house hires. Our design capabilities not only differentiate your products in the market but also foster user satisfaction and product adoption, steering you toward financial success.

We’ll Help You Fuel Retention Through Targeted UX

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Their commitment to elevating design standards and their promise of timely delivery make them a reliable partner.
VP of Software Development, Most-used Telemedicine App in the US

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our project timelines are tailored based on the project’s scope, complexity, and client requirements. Typically, a SaaS UX design project involves discovery, design, iteration, testing, and handoff. We employ agile methodologies, fostering flexibility and continuous feedback as a digital product design agency. A dedicated project manager liaises with the client, ensuring clear communication, timely updates, and adherence to deadlines.

    Throughout the design process, we engage in regular review sessions, workshops, and iterations. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback, which we incorporate iteratively, ensuring the design aligns with their vision and user needs.

  • While our primary focus is on providing unrivaled SaaS UI UX design services, we also excel in front-end development, delivering ready-to-implement mockups that streamline the transition to the development phase. This approach not only guarantees design fidelity but also speeds up the development process, ensuring that your SaaS product maintains a cohesive vision from design to deployment. Leveraging our expertise means you get a SaaS design agency adept at crafting not just captivating designs but also functional, developer-ready assets that facilitate a smoother, faster path to market.

  • We initiate the design process with in-depth stakeholder interviews and workshops to outline critical requirements. Leveraging the double diamond methodology, we extensively explore potential avenues before focusing on vital functionalities.

    Incorporating continuous feedback loops throughout the journey, we prioritize regular touchpoints with users and stakeholders. This strategy, emphasizing “fail early, fail often,” facilitates rapid adaptations to emerging insights, fostering a product meticulously crafted through frequent iterations based on concrete data and user feedback. This ensures the final SaaS product is not only user-centric but strategically positioned for success.

  • Certainly! We maintain an extensive portfolio on our website that exhibits our work across various industries and project types. This portfolio has been curated to highlight the range and depth of our capabilities in SaaS UX design services. While some details have been anonymized to protect our client’s confidentiality, these case studies give a comprehensive overview of our design expertise and problem-solving skills.

  • Yes, we certainly do. In our extensive experience working with healthcare and other industries requiring stringent adherence to compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA, we have consistently ensured a thorough understanding and implementation of the necessary guidelines. Our team is well-versed in integrating these crucial requirements seamlessly into the design process, ensuring a design that respects user privacy and data security at every level. With Koru, you can confidently build SaaS products that stand up to the most rigorous standards while delivering exceptional user experiences.

  • We at Koru hold the confidentiality and protection of your intellectual property as a paramount responsibility. Before commencing any SaaS UX design, we establish a mutual understanding regarding the privacy and security of your intellectual assets.

    We are open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to legally safeguard your intellectual property throughout the design process. Internally, we ensure that access to project-related information is limited to the designated team working on your project. Moreover, we adhere to strict data handling and storage policies, which involve using secure, encrypted platforms for communication and transfer of sensitive information. With Koru, rest assured, that your intellectual property is in secure hands, shielded with the highest level of confidentiality and respect it deserves.

  • We adopt a meticulous strategy grounded in real-world scenarios for user testing and validation. Firstly, we develop high-fidelity prototypes that closely resemble the final product, facilitating a realistic testing environment.

    During the testing phase, we employ various methods such as A/B testing, usability testing, and heuristic evaluations to gather robust data on user interactions and preferences. The feedback collected is then analyzed critically to iterate and refine the design concepts further, ensuring a final design that is both user-friendly and meets business objectives. This data-driven approach guarantees validated design concepts primed for market success.

  • At Koru, we lay a robust foundation for your SaaS product, facilitating smooth scalability and effortless adaptations in future iterations. Leveraging an agile approach, we prioritize flexibility in design to accommodate growth and changes seamlessly. Our designs are crafted with foresight, incorporating feedback loops to ensure that as your product evolves, the UX remains intuitive and meets users’ emerging needs efficiently. This strategic foresight provides a SaaS product that not only stands the test of time but continues to delight users, fostering sustained engagement and loyalty.