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Our extensive experience of over a decade in the B2B enterprise landscape enables us to devise solutions that amplify user engagement, quicken product rollout, and ignite business advancement. Our experts marry creativity and strategic thinking to deploy strategies that address your industry’s unique challenges, promising growth-driven outcomes.

Our Key Service Pillars – Envisioning Success for Your Digital Product

Design For A New Product Launch From The Ground Up:- We can help you completely rethink your process and tools, replacing the old system with a fresh, innovative design. Employing cutting-edge technologies, standard platforms, or even integrating third-party packages as foundational layers, we craft a system that not only aligns with the current digital landscape but also anticipates future trends.

Revitalizing Legacy Systems With Modern UX Capabilities:- Our experts can help you breathe new life into your legacy systems by infusing them with our contemporary UX capabilities. We employ strategic design methods to enhance usability, improve user engagement, and ensure your systems meet the evolving expectations of your users.

User Experience Overhaul:- We meticulously conduct UX audits to uncover hidden pain points and identify broken workflows. By examining every touchpoint of your user journey, we spot areas of friction, then apply strategic redesign to streamline processes, enhance usability, and ultimately improve overall user satisfaction.

Our design methodology is equipped solve UI UX design challenges with ease


UX Research

Our journey begins with in-depth user research. Using techniques such as contextual inquiry and user studies, we dissect your product’s nuances and probe into user needs and goals, providing a comprehensive user-centric performance analysis of your product.



Next, we interpret research results to zero in on the most effective problem-solving approach. We create visual boards and empathy mapping to foster deep understanding, yielding a precise diagnosis of your product’s pain points.



The ideation stage involves exploring possible solutions and validating the best ones among them. We employ brainstorming, mind mapping, and paper prototyping techniques to generate a wide array of solutions in the form of prototypes.



The design phase involves refining the chosen ideas into concrete solutions and interactions. The outcomes include JPEG mock-ups, refined micro-interactions, and a functional specification document.

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Our Edge, Your Success – The Koru Advantage

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Mitigate Overheads & Liabilities

At Koru, we recognize the impact of cost and resource constraints on your business. Our model ensures that you gain top-quality UX design expertise without the overheads and liabilities of an in-house team, enabling you to allocate your resources more efficiently and effectively.

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A Full-Blown Integrated Approach

We become an extension of your team, adopting a holistic design approach that looks beyond individual touchpoints to focus on the entire user journey. This ensures a cohesive, engaging user experience that encourages conversions.

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Access to Full-stack UX Expertise

Partnering with Koru gives you access to our full-stack UX expertise. Our exceptional UX design capabilities can differentiate your products in the market, driving financial success through enhanced user satisfaction and product adoption.

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FAQs Related to UI UX Design

  • We offer plug-and-play custom UX teams that seamlessly integrate into your product development stage, accelerating innovation and time-to-market.

    Our suite of services is meticulously designed to tackle various design challenges effectively. Be it launching a cutting-edge product, rejuvenating the UI of a legacy product, or enhancing engagement across applications, we have the expertise to help you achieve all that. Our solutions are always crafted with an emphasis on resonating with your target audience and optimizing user experiences. 

    We are adept at comprehending intricate problems and delivering innovative solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs. We have been instrumental in addressing design challenges for enterprise companies spanning diverse sectors such as Healthcare, SaaS, Finance, Enterprise, and Telecom.

  • We specialize in overcoming unique enterprise-level challenges, particularly in the realm of enterprise technology. We leverage proven methodologies and adopt the latest tools to refine your digital products or services, enhancing their functionality and usability.

    Our experts, well-versed in industry-specific technology and regulatory compliance, implement methodologies such as user-centered design and human factors engineering. This expertise allows us to address common enterprise issues like revamping legacy systems, resolving system integration concerns, and enhancing user adoption.

    Our services facilitate the optimization of resources, ensuring high-quality design solutions even within budget constraints. This partnership also results in functional benefits such as improved user experience, faster product development, cost-effectiveness, and scalable design resources.

    Our services help enhance your brand reputation and set you apart from competitors. By delivering user experiences that reflect your commitment to user-centricity and innovation, we help build a strong brand presence. This comprehensive strategy/approach allows us to significantly uplift your digital products and services.

  • Engaging with our UI UX Design Agency promises a streamlined and straightforward experience. Our process is meticulously designed to minimize complexity and maximize results. Our systematic approach ensures that your journey with us, from conception to launch, is as effortless as possible, ultimately contributing to your business success. And this is not just for the research and design part. We stay actively involved, helping you monitor user behavior and stay prepared to make any necessary refinements. This ensures your user experience is always optimized, and the platform remains a useful tool for your business.

  • At Koru, we understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. Hence, we offer fully customizable options that cater to different project sizes, scopes, and budgets. Whether you’re an SMB needing foundational UX design services or an enterprise looking for an extensive UX overhaul, we’re equipped to accommodate your needs.

  • We maintain a selection of case studies on our website, which have been anonymized to protect our clients’ identities and details. These studies provide an overview of the diverse projects we’ve handled and demonstrate our problem-solving capabilities. For a more detailed portfolio and capability deck, which offers a comprehensive look at our extensive experience across different industries and projects, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team is more than happy to share these with you and discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

  • At Koru, we begin our design process by deeply understanding your business objectives and studying your target audience. This process includes in-depth discussions with your stakeholders, researching your market, and thorough user analysis. By aligning our UX strategies with your business goals and the needs of your target audience, we ensure that the UX solutions not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to your overall business success. We believe in regular feedback and iterations to ensure the end product stays true to your business vision while resonating with your users.