UX for Enterprise Applications

Imagine how enterprise products can perform with engaging UX and intuitive UI

Enterprise UX challenges
are unique

We’ve transformed 100+ enterprise products to deliver delightful experiences that the users love and business value.

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Supporting highly-trained users with specialized knowledge

Power UX

Dealing with UX debt collected over years of incremental upgrades and improvements

Network UX

Need to support broad, unstructured goals or nonlinear workflows

broken chain UX

Fragmented workflows dependent on multiple tools and makeshift aids


Mitigating the risks of executing high-impact tasks with high-stakes

UX for Enterprise Applications

We employ our years of experience and proven methodologies to bring tangible returns on investment, however complex the challenge may be.


Support all user types – beginner, legacy, and power

Enable new users to onboard quickly, trained users to turn into specialized power users, and legacy users to carry out mission critical tasks efficiently.


Reduce clutter, not capacity

Complexity is often necessary. Support variable tasks and unstructured goals through flexible design and fluid pathways.


Shed design debt systematically

Overhaul dated systems and processes with a plan. Build the robust design foundation needed to offer a unified user experience across multiple platforms, tools, and channels.

We have delivered long-lasting business value through design to

Legacy Pre-sales Portal Overhaul for Telecom Market Expansion

Process applied

    One-on-one stakeholder interviews

    SME (Subject Matter Expert) interviews

    Cross-functional workshops

    Journey mapping find product- and workflow-specific challenges

Results gained

    Increased efficiency in end-to-end cross-departmental journeys

    Workflow refinement that seamlessly matched the needs of over 15 user groups

    Improvement in decision-making through intelligent assistance tools

An increase in individual users’ productivity by 18%.

Overhaul of Claims Resolution Process Resulting in 25% Productivity Boost

Process applied

    User journey mapping to gain bird’s eye-view of the entire workflow

    Interviews with stakeholders to learn complete product ecosystem

    Observational study of different user groups to unveil behavioral patterns

    Evaluation and analysis of product ecosystem to balance user needs with stakeholder buy-in

Results gained

    Increased productivity in business opps with minimal errors

    Faster onboarding and training

    Established culture of user-centric thinking

The team had amazing accountability and always delivered what was promised on time.
Project Manager, Healthcare Company
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Our design capabilities add value at each stage of your product lifecycle


MVP approach for product design
Market-ready solutions with Lean UX
Strategy-backed scalable products


Legacy applications
Systemic design-debt
Broken workflows & usability issues


User-centric thinking
Agile-design processes
Culture of UX and usability audits

Enterprise UX is all about balance.

Learn the hierarchy of user needs and how to balance them with business goals through our short guide.

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