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Unlock powerful insights for exceptional product experiences

Our comprehensive UX research services encompass a wide range of activities

Koru’s team of seasoned UX experts leverage their expertise in UX research, design, and strategy to deliver impactful results

Ethnographic research to deeply understand your users’ behaviors and contexts

Qualitative research methods, such as interviews and user testing, to gain valuable insights

Competitive analysis to identify market trends and differentiate your product

Persona development to create user profiles that drive design decisions

UX research synthesis methods for consolidating and extracting key findings

Strategic UX research to align your product roadmap with user needs and business goals

Usability studies to uncover underlying pain points that hamper product experience

Heurestic evaluation to measure your product experience against standard design principles and ease of use

Usability testing to create an unbiased report of the intuitiveness of the product

UX audit to present a holistic view of the product loopholes as well as achievements with recommendations on how to improve

Leverage the skills of a design team that understands UX


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Hours of UX Research

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At Koru UX Design, we offer comprehensive UX research services tailored to the specific needs of product management professionals. Our methodological approach empowers product leaders to make informed decisions, avoid unnecessary features, and deliver intuitive user experiences.

User Research is the foundation of User-Centric Design. Without research, all designs are a hypothesis and all decisions are assumption based.

Benefit from making UX research a part of your product team’s DNA


Efficient Product Development

With our UX research services, you can avoid becoming a feature factory. We guide you in streamlining workflows, simplifying complex interactions, and ensuring a seamless user experience. This efficiency saves you time, resources, and ultimately, costs.


Avoid Unwanted Product Upgrades

By conducting UX research, we help you avoid the trap of constantly adding features that may not resonate with your users. Our research uncovers the essential functionalities that will truly benefit your users and fulfill their immediate requirements.


User-Centric Insights

Instead of relying on guesswork, our UX research provides validated knowledge about your users’ needs and behavioral insights. You’ll gain a deep understanding of their pain points, motivations, and preferences, enabling you to design products that truly resonate with them.


User Journey and Market Launch

Our research goes beyond the theoretical. We provide you with documented user journeys, heuristic evaluations, and a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively launch your product to the market. We’ll help you drive success right from the start.

UX Research the Way Your Product Need

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Cost-Effective, Plug & Play UX research teams

You don’t need a massive team or an extended timeline to benefit from our UX research agency. We work efficiently and effectively, delivering results without breaking the bank. Our goal is to make UX research accessible and impactful for businesses of all sizes.

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Better Insights, Faster GTM

Creating a product without proper user research increases the risk of launching a product that fails to meet user needs. It also means there’s the likelihood of missed opportunities and underperformance in the market. Right UX and user research on the other hand generates a competitive edge and ensure your product’s success.

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Tangible Reports and Recommendations

Our team of experienced UX researchers will deliver comprehensive reports, including user journey documents, heuristic evaluations, and actionable recommendations. You’ll have a roadmap to enhance your product’s user experience and drive its success.

Their commitment to elevating design standards and their promise of timely delivery make them a reliable partner.
VP of Software Development, Most-used Telemedicine App in the US

Our UX practices have been recognized globally

Koru’s UX Research Methodology is multidimensional

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Before we begin

We begin the research by defining key focus areas and creating a research strategy. Before we start, our teams get an overview of the current tools & process and gather available preliminary data. We kickstart the process with an established research plan.

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Data collection through a variety of UX research methods

Through a series of research methods such as user interviews, stakeholders’ interviews, and user testing among other things, we record qualitative and quantitative data to infer findings from the collected information. Our experienced researchers derive trends & commonalities to uncover previously unknown user insights.

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UX research synthesis for enterprise leaders

We present top findings to the stakeholders and share our recommendations. As a result, product teams identify what to prioritize and how to draw a roadmap for product excellence.

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We can help you identify the UX research model that works the best for your product scenario.

FAQs Related to UX Research Services

  • UX research is essential for enhancing user experiences. At Koru UX Design, we conduct thorough research to gain deep insights into your users’ behaviors and needs. By understanding their preferences and pain points, we can make informed design decisions that result in products and services that truly meet their expectations. Trust us to leverage UX research to create delightful user experiences and drive business growth.

  • At Koru UX Design, we specialize in tailoring our UX research services to your industry’s unique requirements. We possess extensive industry knowledge and employ research methods that resonate with your target audience. By conducting industry-specific UX research, we gain insights that shape user-centric solutions, giving you a competitive edge. Trust us to understand and meet the distinct needs of your industry.

  • At Koru UX Design, we utilize a range of effective UX research methodologies and techniques. Our toolkit includes user interviews, usability testing, surveys, and more. By combining qualitative and quantitative methods, we gather rich data and insights. Trust us to employ the most suitable research techniques to uncover valuable user insights and deliver actionable recommendations.

  • UX research is vital for uncovering user insights and enhancing usability. By engaging with users through methods like testing and interviews, we understand their behaviors, motivations, and pain points. This allows us to make informed design decisions that improve usability. Trust us to incorporate user feedback, streamline workflows, and optimize usability, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Absolutely! Our UX research projects have made a significant impact in industries such as Healthcare, SaaS, Finance, Telecom, and Enterprise. For instance, we have optimized patient portals in healthcare, resulting in increased adoption and patient satisfaction. In SaaS, we have informed user-friendly interfaces for complex software systems, enhancing productivity. Trust us to leverage UX research to deliver measurable outcomes in your industry.

  • User personas are integral to the UX research process at Koru UX Design. They represent fictional archetypes that embody the characteristics and needs of your target audience. 

    Personas help us empathize with users and understand their goals, motivations, and pain points. By incorporating personas into the research process, we can tailor our approach and ensure that design decisions are based on user-centric insights. Personas guide the design process, resulting in solutions that effectively address the specific needs of your users.

  • At Koru UX Design, ethical considerations and user-centeredness are paramount in our UX research engagements. We adhere to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring informed consent, privacy, and data protection for participants.

    Our research activities are designed to prioritize the well-being and rights of users. By adopting a user-centered approach, we actively involve users throughout the research process, valuing their perspectives and feedback. Trust us to conduct UX research with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and respect for ethical principles.

  • At Koru UX Design, we confidently utilize a range of industry-leading tools to conduct impactful UX research. Our toolkit includes:

    • UserTesting: For real-time user feedback during remote usability testing.
    • Optimal Workshop: Facilitating card sorting, tree testing, and first-click testing.
    • Hotjar: Providing insights through heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.
    • Qualtrics: Enabling the creation and distribution of surveys for quantitative data collection.
    • Morae: Capturing and analyzing detailed user interactions through video and audio recording.
    • Adobe XD and Sketch: Creating interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback.
    • Google Analytics: Offering valuable insights into user behavior and key performance indicators.

    These tools, along with others, empower us to gather valuable data, uncover user insights, and make informed design decisions. Trust in our expertise and our effective use of UX research tools to drive exceptional outcomes.

  • At Koru UX Design, our analysis and interpretation of data collected during UX research studies align with our commitment to the Double Diamond methodology. We believe in frequent iterations and embrace the philosophy of “fail early, fail often” to refine our understanding. This iterative approach allows us to continuously gather data, validate assumptions, and iterate on design solutions.

    Throughout the process, we establish continuous feedback loops to ensure that insights are properly validated and refined. We record and evaluate the right data points, leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data to gain a holistic understanding of user behaviors, preferences, and pain points. This comprehensive approach enables us to uncover meaningful patterns, identify usability issues, and surface valuable insights that drive user-centric design decisions.

    By employing meticulous data analysis techniques, such as data coding, pattern recognition, and thematic analysis, we extract actionable insights from the research data. These insights serve as the foundation for making informed design recommendations and refining the user experience. Trust us to apply our rigorous analysis and interpretation process, ensuring that the insights derived from UX research studies are valuable, actionable, and result in impactful improvements to your product or service.