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Why telecom services need to undergo UX transformation?

In a market where the uncertainty is
greater than ever, the biggest
challenge telecom players are facing
is around simplicity of operations and
high availability of their services.

“Five-nines” (99.999% availability) has become a standard norm among operators and outages of any kind have a potential to cause huge damages. The ultimate aim is to enhance the customer experience, sharpen the offering and increase profitability. The pace also has to be fast as time-to-market is business-critical.
There is no arguing that the telecommunications world is a highly competitive one. Once a world dominated by monopolies that could shovel whatever services and systems they wanted to on their customers and employees. Things have changed greatly in the cellular age. Now companies look for anything to keep their internal and external users satisfied in an increasingly competitive world and are turning to design thinking for solace.

The kind of experience provided by telecommunications hardware,
software, management interfaces and
services play a significant role in
managing user errors and taking data
driven decisions which can help
mitigate the customer attrition rate.

Instilling a user centered design thinking can also enable product development teams to develop systems and tools that effectively address business goals and technical constraints. Telecom operators now understand the importance of empowering business users as they represent the service provider on the ground level. They execute critical tasks which directly or indirectly impact the end user experience. For example, issue resolution speed is a make or break factor for customer satisfaction. By giving agents an easy access to the information they need to answer questions that customers typically ask and by providing them a clear pattern for customer behavior, service providers can boost employees’ performance manifolds.

Typical domains of telecom systems include

Network Device &




CRM and


As per the survey by EY, Customer experience management is cited as the number one strategic priority by senior telecom executives

Operators are looking for opportunities to improve service personalization by enabling their employees with up to date data.

By joining forces with Koru, you will gain access to 6 years of
expertise in building solutions for the telecom domain. Our team
of UX experts build customized strategies based on your need.
Your goal could be

Optimize the

Add a new feature
to the existing

Build a concept
from scratch

Enhance UI and
standardize reusable components

We have helped operators with major UX challenges that directly impact their bottom line. We clearly understand product provisioning, order management, Order entry, validation, activation, CRM as well as troubleshooting processes in telecom.

We believe the next generation of mobile infrastructure will have to be about extremely tight integration of many factors, such as connectivity, real time analytics, management, security, cloud technologies and much more. Our mission is to help you achieve exactly that!


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telecom enterprises

We understand users’
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