Aligning Product Stakeholders: How to Build Bridges (and not burn them)


Bansi Mehta

Meredith Given

CEO and UX Practitioner Koru UX Design

Director of Product Management, Medbridge

1st Nov 2023  9:00 PM (PT)

Welcome to our webinar!

Learn the art of building bridges between product stakeholders.

The Product Paradox 🤔

In the driver's seat of product management, navigating conflicting demands can feel like a maze. We've got solutions!

The Bridge Builder's Toolkit 🧰

Discover the essential strategies and techniques to align stakeholders effectively. Your toolkit for success!

The Fires of Conflict 🔥

Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn't have to burn bridges. Learn how to turn disagreements into growth opportunities.

Navigating the Stakeholder Ecosystem 🌍

From customers to executives, navigate the complex world of stakeholders and tailor your approach.

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