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Designing for Impact: Transforming Organizational Culture with User-Centered Excellence


Bansi Mehta

Jared H.

CEO | Koru UX Design

CEO | Daito Design

Understanding the Pitfalls

The webinar will highlight the common pitfall of product development processes lacking user advocates and feedback loops.

Integration of User-Centered Mindset

It will provide insights on how to bridge the gap between product strategy and user feedback.

Expert Insights

The webinar features guest speakers Jared Huke and Bansi Mehta, who bring decades of experience in setting up and redefining user experience (UX).

Financial Opportunity and Innovation

It will explore how considering user needs and pain points can lead to valuable insights and new business opportunities.

Outcome-Focused Practices

Attendees will learn how to identify and establish practices that prioritize outcomes over output.

Funding and ROI

The webinar will provide strategies for securing funding by presenting validated, market-fit ideas.

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