Koru UX Design won 2 iF Design Awards as announced by the iF Design Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

The globally recognized iF Design Awards have been a symbol of outstanding design since 1953. With 10,800 entries from 72 countries, this is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

The team from Koru UX Design was spearheaded by Kshitij Kaushik, with stellar conceptualization by Manoj Nakum and Tanmay Puranik. The visually stunning UI designs were created by Bhagyashri Yewale, Dhanaji Yadav, and Arman Shaikh. The storyline and visuals were created by Manali Kulkarni and Renuka Savant with contributions from Aritra Ghosh.

Koru’s iF Award Submission Team

The Koru team submitted 2 entries and both bagged the coveted prize.

Koru UX Design’s Winning Entries at iF Design Awards 2024

1. Point-of-Care Application for CVD in Rural India -Winner in the User Experience Category

This module was designed to help primary healthcare providers in rural India screen, test, and treat cardiovascular disease (CVD) in at-risk patients. 

Cardiovascular disease in rural India is characterized by early age of onset, rapid progression, and high mortality rate, with nearly 62% of all CVD deaths being premature. Screening for conventional risk factors is crucial, but systemic barriers such as a lack of tools and expertise to identify and assess at-risk patients are widespread in rural India. 

The solution is a simple, user-friendly application for frontline healthcare providers that would help them share data from electrocardiographic screenings done in rural regions with specialist providers at the district level. The system leverages India’s mass internet connectivity – cloud computing helps transfer data entered by the PHC in a remote location to a Specialist’s EHR in a few seconds to provide timely treatment and save lives. 

Early detection of CVD is key to improving patients’ long-term health and easing the economic burden on the health system by preventing more serious and costly health complications.

Read about the full project here.

2. A Seamless and Intuitive IVR Automation Interface – Winner in the User Interface Category

IVR systems are indispensable for businesses as they’re widely used to automate and enhance customer interactions. When poorly designed, this very system causes frustration in users and reduces their efficiency in deploying the simplest of workflows. This impacts their operations and ultimately increases customer support requests and a drop in subscription renewals for our client.

Our team designed a flexible, adaptive IVR system with seamless customization that could cater to the needs of varied industries. Its seamless UI displays only the essential options required to deploy the IVR workflow which makes it easy to operate with minimal training & instruction.

Learn more about the project here.

This win takes Koru UX Design’s iF award tally to 6 wins from 2021-2024, along with previous wins which include the A’Design Silver Award 2021 in Interaction Design, UX Design Awards Nomination in 2022, and a C2A (Creative Communication Award) Honorable Mention in 2019.

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