10 Lessons Learned From a  

 Decade of Leading a UX Design Company

The learning never stop

Even after all these years, we’re still learning more and more about the business of design.

The people you hire make the company

As cliched as this may sound, stellar resources do form the foundation of a successful company.

The most worthy clients aren’t always the best one

What fun is it when you get to work with someone whose sensibilities and aesthetics match yours, point to point?

Saying ‘no’/ offering pushbacks is easier said than done

Seeing as we are on the topic of conflicts making you better and such, here’s a little heads-up. Standing up for your design can be difficult, but has to be done. 

Great products don’t sell by themselve

You speak about your work and your work will speak for you. Never underestimate the power of networking and promotion.

Picking up a niche has been the best and most rewarding decision

Yes, more the services offered, the better the chances of gaining clients. And, the more the clients, more the moolah.

Reputation is the most valuable asset in the business of design

There may be temptations galore to take shortcuts or skimping over the details.

Design Thinking is truly a way of life

Resist the temptation to jump to a solution the moment you hear a problem.

Longevity gives you an unprecedented advantage

No matter how intense the situation may be, ensure that you do all it takes to survive. 

Your culture is not what you put up on walls and website

The company’s true culture is revealed by how the leaders make decisions and respond to testing situations.