Google’s Great UX Experiment: How SEO Updates are Shaping the Future of B2B Companies

UX + SEO: How It Impacts The B2B Bottomline

Research reveals that B2B brands receive about 2.4% of their conversions from email marketing, 2.3% from webinars, and 1.3% from video marketing.

What Has Google Got in its UX Makeover For Enterprise Businesse

1. Your Enterprise Website Can't Be An Afterthought

B2B buyers are thorough in their research and may look through several pages of content. Without a top-notch user experience, you’re just slowing down their process.

2.Get More Organic Traffic To Your Site by Mastering On-Page SEO

Google has added an extra E (Experience) to its E-A-T concept. Google’s guidelines say that to evaluate content quality, you need to look at how much experience the person writing it has on the topic they’re writing about.

3. Make Your Visitors Stick Around with a People-Focused Approach

Many search engine optimizers are so focused on the technicalities of Search Engine Optimization that they lose sight of the bigger picture.

UX Optimization: Shift Your SEO Strategies For UX

In the past, businesses that employed annoying and scripted sales calls were able to succeed. But those same tactics will not work in 2023. Your enterprise brand will fail if you do not prioritize user experience.