5 Practical Tips For PMs To Effectively Manage Design Backlog

Create an effective priority matrix

To have an effective backlog, it is important to strategically document all design debt. This involves identifying and addressing any instances of UX debt.

Can’t prioritize? Then measure the effort required

When we talk about the effort required for a UX design backlog item, we are referring to the estimated time it will take to complete the task. It's important to note that the time estimation may vary.

Stay ahead of the development deadline

It may seem obvious to establish a deadline aligned with the start of the development sprint, but this crucial aspect often goes unnoticed.

Make sure your UX backlog is a solution, not a problem

Product managers who take responsibility ensure a smooth and consistent collaboration with their designers and developers.

Keep communication flowing with stakeholder

Managing stakeholders can be a daunting task in itself, but when it comes to managing the backlog, things can quickly become even more challenging and contentious.