Aligning Product Stakeholders: How to Build Bridges (and not burn them)

Meredyth Given Director of Product Management, Medbridge
Bansi Mehta CEO and UX Practitioner, Koru UX Design
Building an awesome product isn’t a solo gig. It’s a team effort. And as a product leader, getting everyone on the same page can feel like herding cats on a good day. We get it. That’s why our on-demand webinar is here to make your life easier.


Key Takeaways:


  • Turn Pointless Meetings into Game-Changers: Sick of meetings that go nowhere? Learn how to turn them into power-packed sessions that get things done.
  • Bring Everyone Together, Once and for All: Dealing with stubborn stakeholders? We’ll show you how to find common ground and make decisions that make everyone happy.
  • Get Stuff Done, ASAP: Tired of things taking forever? We’ve got the hacks to speed up your decision-making and get real results, pronto.


Join us for a no-nonsense on demand webinar that’s all about getting your team on board and your product on point. Let’s make the process smoother, the decisions faster, and the results better. Because your success is our success.


Aligning Product Stakeholders: How to Build Bridges


Here is the presentation –

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