Case Study

Intuitive Payment Gateway to Enable Revenue Cycle Management


A health and online wellness company based in the USA providing a range of Patient Engagement solutions to hospitals and practices looking to stay connected with their patients through enhanced care coordination.

The company’s web portal and mobile application are used for activities such as patient-provider consultations, viewing health records, requesting medication refills, or subscribing to Care Management Programs. 

As the services and offerings diversified in time, it was becoming increasingly difficult for patients to keep track of invoices individually raised against the different services availed by them and their family members. The following factors led to an increasing trend of payment delays to the healthcare facilities – 

  1. The amount that would be billed to patients and not their insurance provider
  2. Lack of a consolidated statement of expenses of all family members
  3. Lack of part-payment options for large amounts
  4. Need for additional information or contesting the invoice
Payment gateway

Problem Statement

The existing system had the following drawbacks which were negatively impacting its performance – 

  1. Lack of transparency and poor communication between practice and patients 
  2. Irregularities in payment collections 
  3. Lack of systematic and regular follow-ups for payments
design iteration

UX Strategy

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy is an ideal design approach used to create a simple, basic solution in a short time. Being a user-focused design approach, it is built iteratively based on constant feedback.

intuitive Payment Management

In this case, the requirement was to create an intuitive Payment Management and Gateway solution that could integrate with the digital and real-world Patient Engagement solutions.

The solution would offer the following benefits –

To the Hospitals & Clinics

  • Track receivables
  • Patient (payer) specific consolidated invoicing
  • Simplified follow-ups  
  • Understand service consumption trends

To the Patient 

  • One place to view all consolidated invoices across practices and family members
  • Flexible payment options and incentives for timely payments
  • Seamless checkout experience
Seamless checkout experience

Research & Synthesis

  1. Current state analysis: Synthesizing data collected to build context and understand
Customer Flow


In order to ensure that the solution is flexible, we processed the flows representing the various payment processes. This data was used to map a new journey that could be adopted with minimal disruption to the existing processes. 

For example, the journey of a user who is booking an online consultation session and making a prepayment for the same or the journey of an individual paying a consolidated monthly statement received via text reminder.

We grouped the ideas that together could offer a good value proposition and built them into concept directions.

These ideas were developed further to draft interactive prototypes to be reviewed by the business. The approved prototypes were tested with users to be evaluated for their intuitiveness and usability and to gain behavioral insights.  

behavioral insights

Inputs from test sessions with the users make it simple to go back to the drawing board and align the solution to have the right balance to meet the goal and vision of the business and deliver on the needs of the user.


UI Design was built for the prototypes tested with the users and signed off by the business to reflect the workflow, interactions, and micro-interactions.

  • Splash Screen than be modified as per every providers branding
  • Invoices and statement from various sources and member at one place with factional buttons
  • Quick swipe to pay option to avoid all the payment gateway hassles
  • Traditional way to pay or add new credit or debit card along with paypal and other options
  • EMI plans option with some suggested plans and propose a plan action if the plans need to be modified
  • Downloadable recipt with all the bill/invoice details for any claim
  • Add Promotional card related to client’s current transaction
UX Solution
CRM Portal
CRM Portal
 CRM Portal
CRM Portal
Payment gateway
Payment gateway
Payment gateway


The solution resulted in a multitude of advantages for the business. The primary one was that it streamlined revenue collections and resulted in an increase of 67% over a period of 3 months – this meant reduced follow-ups and a steady flow of payments being made.

Shorter billing cycles

Decline in the number of billing queries

Enhanced simplification and transparency in billing

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