Design Thinking in Healthcare

The Design Thinking approach is a method of problem-solving that focuses on human behavior and needs. The process employs empathy, voluminous idea generation, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing to tackle complex challenges. Speaking from the healthcare perspective, designers focus their efforts on firstly, understanding how the system functions, and secondly, on the needs of the … Read more

AI in Surgery: Revolutionizing Healthcare

Doctor medicating patient

A fascinating thing about user experience (UX) is that we can look in any direction and find applications of user experience in the most mundane or the most advanced projects one can come across. UX is known to save lives, make things better, and improve design. In healthcare, especially, UX is pivotal in ensuring that … Read more

This is Big – Apple brings Healthcare Upgrades at its 2018 Keynote

Emerging technologies are rapidly redefining the way healthcare is provided to users. The catch here, though, is how useful these fancy-pants upgrades end up being to the end user. Do we really need an app that makes us freak out with alarming prognosis? The widespread use of smartphones coinciding with the Affordable Care Act of … Read more

Top 4 tips for Successful Patient Engagement to Save Millions!

Patients Portal Tips

Quick, tell me what springs to mind when you think of a well-designed healthcare institution. Comfortable beds? Easily accessible, spacious waiting rooms? Yes indeed, things like these would be nice. But how about having a well-designed experience right from the moment you think of scheduling a routine hospital visit? Wouldn’t that be nicer? It’s hard … Read more

Ensuring Healthcare Compliance with UX

empowering compliance

Technological innovations today are the driving force behind assisting the medical community to deliver quality care more effectively, along with improved security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. As healthcare organizations continue to face challenges in terms of providing round-the-clock services online, added complications such as meeting security and compliance standards set by – Health Insurance Portability … Read more

Best Practices for Patient Portals to Improve Patient Engagement

Patient Portal is connected to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), which gives patients a look into data related to their health. These include lab results, physician notes, their health histories, discharge summaries and immunizations. Some patient portals go beyond to a stage where patients can only view their data. These portals include features such as … Read more

Design Standards to save lives –  UX in Healthcare

An article published by Forbes last year said that across the US, there will be an increase in the number of patients, whereas the number of doctors will remain same. The static supply of healthcare professionals is a significant cause of concern. Nowadays, the amount of time and number of interactions between a patient and … Read more

IoT in Healthcare

IoT in Healthcare

Thriving on technology, the healthcare sector has revolutionized the manner in which it functions today. Rendering critical services, it was imperative that healthcare majors upped the ante and delivered on the primary goal of saving lives, and further, even improving the quality of human life via technological innovations. Patients needing specialist emergency services or consultations … Read more

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a cult science fiction movie authored by the legendary Arthur C. Clarke. It features the “talking” computer, HAL, who eerily murders most of the human crew under its care. To this day, fans of the 1968 classic experience a gooseflesh moment when the astronaut-protagonist Dave Bowman requests HAL … Read more

What Can the Healthcare Industry Learn From the Facebook Data Breach

Facebook has reigned supreme all over our newsfeed over the past few weeks. As details regarding its business model (assimilating user data and selling it to interested buyers) trickle out and its brazen mishandling of user information has resulted in global outrage. Considerable harm has been caused to affect privacy norms, government elections, and even … Read more